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1919, 90 mainly mint stamps (one - used), including Lviv, Kolomyia, Stanyslaviv and Pokutia surcharges, better items noted, such as 10(sot) on 6h orange (expertized by A. Brun), nice range of the 1st Stanyslaviv set (mainly expertized), double surcharge 60h on 20h (expertized by Z. Wiatrowski) and Dues No.10-11 (expertized by J. Bulat) of Pokutia and some others, we note some questionable or even definitely forged surcharges, generally nice quality unit with several defected stamps possible, full OG, NH or LH, F/VF, legitimate C.v. is over $3,200
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Stamp Auction #79, September 14, 2018. Raritan Stamp, Inc