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Lots 1056 - 1064,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #74, July 21, 2017. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
Net Price
1056    281
1921, cover from refugee's camp at Cattaro to refugee's camp at Khalki via Russian Post at Belgrade and Constantinople, franked by blue surcharge 20,000r on imperforated stamp of 7r, all markings are alongside, VF and one of just a few known covers from the Cattaro camp
1057 **   299
1921, red surcharge 10,000r over 50pi on 5r blue, green and pale blue, complete sheet of 25. bearing altogether 42 surcharges, some marginal separations and folds, full OG, NH (hinged on margins), VF and probably unique multiple, Romeko guarantee hs, C.v. $1,625 as hinged singles
1058    313
1921, blue surcharge 10,000r on Denikin stamp of 10r red and gray, used on cover from refugees' camp at Antigona to refugees' camp at Khalki, all appropriate markings, VF
1059    350
1921, blue surcharge 10,000r on imperforated 1k orange, used on cover from refugees' camp at Khalki to refugees' camp at Constantinople, all markings are alongside, VF
1060  236/338, var

Clean Collection

1921, 143 mint stamps, neatly arranged on pages from a Collection, including 19 inverted surcharges, 4 stamps with error "Russkiy", 2 stamps with omitted new denomination, nice quality unit, full/large part of OG, VF, C.v. is about $750
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1061 Mi 1, 2


1920, black surcharge 10r on 15k, perforated single; black surcharge 25r on 3k, imperforated horizontal pair, appropriate Armavir postal cancellations, F/VF, first one - ex-Faberge, the other one - expertized by Romeko
1062 */U  Mi 1, 3d, 4-5


1920, black Cyrillic "G. M." overprint on perforated 25k x2 and 1r, imperforated 3.50r and 5r, full OG or used, mostly VF, three stamps expertized by Z. Mikulski
1063 Mi 1b


1920, red manuscript surcharge 1r on 1k orange, nice margins imperforated single, large part of postal Batraki cancellation, VF, expertized by Z. Mikulski
1064 Mi 6


1920, violet handstamped surcharge "p" (placed twice supposedly in front and behind of denomination) on 10k dark blue, appropriate postal cancellation, VF