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Lots 1068 - 1145,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #80, December 14, 2018. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1068    34-35
1910, parcel card from Russian PO at New Athon to Jerusalem, franked by three surcharged values, Athon postal negative seal and circular ds, Russian PO at Jerusalem arrival marking on reverse, several folds and hinge reinforcement, otherwise F/VF and rare commercial mailing
1069  40-48
1909, 50th Anniversary of the R.O.P. i T., black surcharges 5pa/1k - 70pi/7r, complete set of nine, full OG, LH, VF
1070  71-79
1909, overprint "Jaffa", 5pa-70pi, set of nine (less stamp of 5pa with blue surcharge), full OG, VLH, VF, C.v. $306
1071  141-50
1909, overprint "Smyrne", 5pa-70pi, complete set of ten, full OG, LH or previously hinged, VF, C.v. $133

Odessa Issue

1919, overprint "R.O.P. i T." and additional surcharges on Russian Levant definitive issues of 1903- 09, printed on vertically laid paper, the total is 51 stamps, full OG, LH, VF
1073  1/231

Practically Complete Russian Levant Collection

1863- 1913, 211 mostly mint stamps (two used) on Scott Album pages, starting with "Parcel to the East" 6k blue (No.1), then all classic stamps except No.3 and No.19C and 19D,all cities' overprints, Romanov Dynasty and later surcharges, occasional flaws possible, generally nice and fresh, mainly full OG, LH or hinged, F/VF, C.v. $4,820
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1074  232-376

Complete Collection on Pages

1921, 180 mint stamps, including the first issue, surcharges on Romanov 5r, Crimea local and everything else, as extra 16 inverted surcharges and 2 errors"Russkii", excellent condition, full OG, mainly LH or hinged, VF, all valuable stamps with proper guarantee hs, C.v. is over $5,650
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2, 3, 4, 5
1075  2/70, N1-4

Far Eastern Republic
Collection on Album Pages

1920- 23, 63 mint stamps, representing mostly genuine "D.V.R." overprints forgeries marked with "F"), including 10k, 35k and perforated 1r (all properly expertized), then included Chita, Blagoveschensk and General Semenov issues, nice quality unit, full OG, some NH, but mainly LH or hinged, VF, C.v. is over $1,700
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2, 3, 4

Khorezm People's Soviet Republic (Khiva)

1921-22, Soviet Emblem, 500r carmine and violet and 5000r green and lilac, complete set of two, first one printed on vertically laid paper, nice and flawless, no gum as produced, VF and very rare, each stamp with V. Ustinovsky guarantee hs, a copy of page from his Collection is included (stamps are marked accordingly)
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1077   Mi 9 III


1920, parcel card from Kustanay to Postal Station Orekhovo, franked by black handstamp "rub" (type III) on 20k blue and red in vertical strip of four and a single, the last one without surcharge, appropriate markings and arrival ds, perfect quality, VF and scarce
1078   Mi 9 III, var
1920, parcel card from Kustanay to Bol'shie Soli (Kostroma Gub.), franked by five stamps with black handstamped surcharge "rub" on 20k blue and red, including block of four, top right stamp with double handstamp variety, postmarked on arrival, fresh condition, counterfoil is attached, VF and rare
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1079 Mi 1

Nizhni Novgorod

1922, black handstamped diagonal surcharge 100,000r on 250r violet, printed on thin paper, full OG, LH, VF, C.v. €400
1080 Mi 1F2

Nikolayevsk-on-Amur issue

1921, black handstamped surcharge (overprint) with top parts of 15k on 20k blue and red, perforated single, nice condition, full OG, very light trace of hinge, VF and rare, expertized by Dr. Jemtschoujin, C.v. €2,500
1081 **   52
1921, black handstamped surcharge 10k on 10k dark blue, excellent condition in every respect, full OG, NH, VF and rare in such quality, reportedly only nine examples were produced, expertized by Dr. P. Jemtschoujin and Romeko, C.v. $1,500 as hinged
1082 Mi 1B
1921, handstamped overprint (no value) on 20k blue and red, imperforated single, appropriate Nikolayevsk cancellation, fresh and VF, expertized by Romeko, C.v. €1,500
1083  1/118

Collection on Album Pages

1919-22, 62 mint stamps, representing Kolchak, Nikolayevsk-on-Amur and Soviet Priamur issues, vast majority of genuine overprints or surcharges, some questionable stamps marked with"?", nice quality unit, full OG, some NH, mainly LH or hinged, VF, C.v. $2,900
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1084  1/71

South Russia
Starting Collection on Album Pages

1918- 20, 55 mint stamps, showing Rostov, Yekaterinodar, Crimea and Denikin issues, some forged surcharges marked "F" or "?", nice quality overall, full OG, LH or hinged, VF, C.v. $330
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1085  Schmidt #26

Catalogue numbers in this section are taken from the Catalogue of the Russian Rural Postage Stamps edited in by F. Chuchin unless otherwise noted


1881, 2k gray, nice margins imperforated single, large part of OG, VF
1086  29


1883, 10k blue, broken "10" at the bottom right value tablet variety, nice quality, full OG, VLH, VF and scarce, C.v. $700 for a stamp without variety
1087  43
1884, 10k lilac, left sheet margin horizontal pair, nice margins all around, large part of OG, VF
1088    111
1895, cover from Moscow to Bogorodsk zemstvo, franked by Imperial 7k blue, upon arrival to Bogorodsk uprated with 4k red brown, paid for rural delivery, all appropriate markings, VF
1089    150
1896, cover from Russian Levant (St. Athon Monastery) to Bogorodsk zemstvo via Odessa, franked by 10k carmine and green, upon delivery by Imperial Post additionally franked with zemstvo stamp of 4k orange (catalogued$150), paid for local postage, all appropriate transit and arrival markings, light vertical fold away from the stamps, mostly VF
1090 */U   5/149

Nice Starting Collection

1872-96, 38 mint or used (12) stamps, nice and clean quality unit, full/large part of OG or used, mostly VF, C.v. $912
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1091    Schmidt #2


1870, stationery envelope with blue handstamp (6k), size 140x118mm, properly signed at the bottom, practically perfect quality, unused, VF and scarce, ex-Dr. Nikitin
1092  8


1885, 5k ultramarine, manuscript date "18.III", fresh quality, VF and according to the V. Katsman's handbook only seven used stamps are recorded, that's 8th exemplar


1910, cover addressed to Vyatka District Court from peasant of Shumbenskaya Volost, franked on reverse with Imperial 7k blue on reverse, oval volost marking and arrival ds, cover is slightly reduced at top, otherwise F/VF
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1094  24 var


1910, diagonal (instead of horizontal) violet surcharge 3k on 10k blue violet, a part of zemstvo cancellation, small bottom left corner imperfection, VF and rare variety, Schmidt #22M, Large Zemstvo C.v. $5,000
1095    7


1911, 3k multicolored, top sheet margin horizontal pair, used on reverse of registered cover addressed to uezd administration, tied by violet oval zemstvo ds, another marking is on front, slightly reduced on the right, still VF
1096    7


1886, 3k black, imperforated pair of diamond shaped stamps, used on reverse of registered local cover addressed to the district court, tied by zemstvo ds with inverted date of cancel device, roughly opened, archival pin-holes, still F/VF, ex-Faberge
1097    44
1909, local cover addressed to Pskov administration, franked on reverse by 3k green, yellow and blue, tied by violet zemstvo ds, VF, ex-Faberge
1098    Schmidt #1
1892, stationery postcard 1 1/2k blue, printed on gray blue paper, fresh quality, unused, VF
1099  4a, 5a


1884, 3k black, oval shaped stamps, vertical or horizontal tete-beche pairs, full OG, LH, VF
1100    7
1887, 3k black, tied by postmaster handstamp "Ряб." (Рябинский), used on cover addressed to Shatsk administration, wax seal, slight filing folds, F/VF
1101    9
1888, 3k black on bluish gray paper, two stamps used on reverse of local cover addressed to zemstvo administration, cancelled by two line "Zav. Pocht. Ryabinsky" marking, sealed with wax, light fold away from the stamp, mostly VF
1102  6


1901, 2k carmine, printed on wove paper, perforation 11 1/2, excellent quality single, full OG, previously hinged, VF, Schmidt #8, rank "RR", C.v. $1,200
1103    27


1915, cover from Uglich to Troitsko- Pechorskaya volost via Ustsysolsk, franked by two stamps including Romanov Dynasty 7k brown, upon arrival to Ustsysolsk uprated with 2k green, perforation 121/2, tied by black zemstvo ds, mostly VF
1104  22


1893, Coat of Arms, imperforated plate proof of 3k in dark green, left sheet margin single, printed on chalk-surfaced paper, no gum as produced, VF
1105  Schmidt #35 var
1898, 3k bronze, perforated single of type 3 with inverted "3" at the top left value tablet, natural gum loss at the top, VF and rare variety
1106    6


1891, black handstamped surcharge 3k on 2k black, green and yellow, bottom sheet margin single, used on reverse of local cover from Yeremeyevskaya volost to zemstvo administration, tied by black violet oval zemstvo "1.Nov.91" ds, wax seal removed, VF, Schmidt #7, A. Faberge's manuscript note on front about rarity of this cover
1107 */U   

Nice Looking Collection on Stockpages

1868-1917, 421 mint and used (63) stamps, singles, pairs, strips and multiples, representing 78 different districts, some better items, nice quality overall, we mention just three defected stamps, full/large part of OG or used, F/VF, C.v. is over $10,000
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2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
1108 **/*   B59a, B60a-61a

Semi - Postal issues

1927, "Plus Ultra", inverted red overprint or surcharges commemorating 25th Anniversary of Coronation King Alfonso XIII on 1p, and 75c on 5c and 10c, three bottom sheet margin blocks of four, full OG, NH or previously hinged (top stamps), VF, C.v. $620 as hinged singles
1109  LX2

City Post

1862, 3o bistre brown, intact perforation, fresh condition, large part of OG, previously hinged, F/VF, C.v. $600
1110    15/24
1928, eight values of the pictorial issue, including tete-beche strip of three triangle stamps of 28k used on registered cover from Kyzyl to Moscow, postmarked on arrival, VF
1111 **   31a
1932, inverted blue surcharge 3k on Mounted Tuvinian 70k dark red and bistre, nicely centered with intact perforation, full OG, NH, VF, C.v. $600
1112    39, 44
1933, black handstamped surcharges on Revenue stamps, large size 15(k) on 6k yellow and small size 35(k) on 15k brown, set of two values used on registered cover from Kyzyl to Moscow, postmarked on arrival, slight horizontal fold away from the stamps, VF and scarce complete cover, usually such covers have address partially cut out
1113  1/39

Starting Collection on Album Pages

1926-33, 37 mint stamps, representing Wheel of Truth with later surcharges, Pictorial set with later surcharges and large size surcharge 15k on Revenue stamp of 6k, the total is six issues, full OG, mainly LH, F/VF, C.v. $1,010
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1114  1/31

Collection on Album Pages

1923, 42 mint stamps, including "Star" overprints and both definitive perforated and imperforated sets, No.11 expertized by K. Lissiuk, No.12 seems questionable, nice quality overall, full OG or no gum as issued, mostly VF, guaranteed C.v. $435
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Catalogued by Comprehensive Catalogue of Ukrainian Philately by John Bulat)

Trident Overprints

1918, violet overprint (type 2a) on Romanov Dynasty 2r orange brown, full OG, previously hinged, VF and scarce, this stamp is not listed in Bulat Cat., expertized by K. Lissiuk
1116 **   527, var
1918, violet overprint (type 2gg) on 3.50r maroon and green, two stamps, one have top left corner margin, the other one has inverted overprint, full OG, NH, VF and scarce, both expertized by Dr. Seichter, C.v. $400 for two stamps with normal overprint, inverted one is not listed
1117 */U   11/642

Collection on Stockpages

1918, 1138 mint or used (about 200) stamps, representing all existing three types of overprint, highlights included: perforated complete set of type 1 with 5r value, several overprints in error black or green colors, in type 2 presented single handstamp on 3.50r (type 2f), Romanov Dynasty stamps with type 2gg, range of local tridents presenting Zhytomyr type 1, Chernihiv type 1, Gomel, Sarny and unrecorded manuscript surcharge "1 rub" over type 2 on imperforated 1k orange, postally used, generally fresh quality unit, full OG or used, F/VF, C.v. $2,400++
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2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24
1118 **/*   666, a


1918, black overprint (type 1, multiple handstamp 2) on 7k light blue, three side margin horizontal strip of five, side stamps with double overprints, full OG, NH or LH (1), VF, C.v. $205++
1119 **   767
1918, black overprint (reprint of type 3) on 10r carmine, yellow and gray, complete sheet of 50 with six "V" labels, some perf separations and marginal flaws, full OG, NH, VF, C.v. $750++
1120  661/74

Collection on Stockpages

1918, 297 mostly mint stamps (5 - used), representing three different types of overprints, including 24 inverted or double overprints of type 1, unlisted reprints on Romanov Dynasty stamps of 1r, 2r and 3r (each one signed by Dzenis), four large blocks of 1r (formerly sheet of 50 with 6 label), provisional perforation 11 1/2, bearing overprint of type 2 (each stamp guaranteed by U.P.V.), plus many more, nice condition overall, full OG, mostly VF
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2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
1121 */U   818/64

Collection on Stockpages

1918, 271 mostly mint stamps (26 - used), including type 2 overprint on imperforated 3.50r in block of three plus label, bottom right stamp with inverted overprint, forming tete-beche pair, nice quality collection, full OG or used, F/VF
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2, 3, 4, 5
1122    948, 951


1918, two perforated stamps with violet overprint (type 1) of 10k and 15k, used on reverse of cover from Khmelyv to Moscow, all appropriate markings and arrival ds, ex-Dr. Seichert
1123  1017/25
1918, green or greenish blue overprints (type 1) on perforated 2k-70k and imperforated 1k, set of eight values, full OG, two stamps are NH, others - LH, VF, stamps of 50k and 70k expertized by UPV and Dr. Zelonka, all are from the Dr. Zelonka Collection, C.v. $1,625
1124 */U   943/1055

Collection on Stockpages

1918, 56 mint or used (13) stamps, representing 54 values of the type 1 and 2 - of type 2, among better of type 1 violet overprint on 7k and of type 2 black overprint on perforated 3.50r, fresh quality material, full OG or used, F/VF, C.v. $750
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1125  1127/32


1918, black overprint (type 3) on perforated 20k, 50k, 70k x2, and two imperforated 1k, different varieties of overprints (doubled or inverted) and basic stamps (shifted background or center, pre-printed paper fold),full OG, LH or hinged, VF, most valuable stamps expertized by J. Bulat, UPV, Dr. Seichter and etc.
1126 **   1153/90
1918, black overprint on 5k claret, vertical pair, top stamp has overprint type 4, while bottom one with overprint type 5a, full OG, NH, fine, each one expertized by J. Bulat
1127 */U   1058/356

Collection on Stockpages

1918, 715 mostly mint stamps (112 - used), representing all existing ten types of overprints, including perforated 1k (type 1), imperforated 7r (type 4), perforated 15k in block of four, top stamps with inverted overprints (type 5a), perforated 5r (type 5d) and much more, nice quality unit, full OG or used, F/VF, C.v. is about $1,000
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2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
1128 **   1379, var


1918, black overprint (type 1a) on 7k light blue, complete pane of 25, four stamps have double overprint, one (position 2) has triple overprint and top left stamp without overprint varieties, lightly folded once along horizontal perforation, fresh, full OG, NH, VF, each stamp expertized by J. Bulat
1129 **   1388, var
1918, black overprint (type 1a) on 70k brown and orange, perforated block of 15 (5x3), left stamps in the middle and bottom rows without overprint, full OG, NH, VF, expert's mark on reverse, ex-Dr. Zelonka
1130 **   1424-25, var
1918, black overprint (type 1a) on "Sword Breaking Chain" of 35k and 70k, complete sheets of 100, first one has stamps on positions 81 and 91 without overprint, some marginal flaws and minor separations, full OG, NH,VF and very scarce, ex-Dr. Zelonka, C.v. $1,350 for single stamps w/o variety
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1131  1427a
1918, inverted black overprint (type 1b) on 2k green, complete perforated pane of 25, appropriate postal cancellation, mostly VF, C.v. $250
1132 **   1674, a
1918, black overprint (type 8d) on 3.50 r maroon and green, two perforated complete sheets of 50 with six "V" labels, one of which has inverted overprint, some marginal flaws and marginal reinforcement, still full OG, NH, VF, ex-Dr. Seichtet, C.v. $1,300++
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1133 */U   1372/2184

Collection on Stockpages

1918, 314 mainly mint stamps (45 - used), representing approximately 40 different types, among better: perforated 15k with double overprint (type 1a), imperforated 3k with inverted overprint (type 15b),perforated 3.50r postally used (type 16d) and etc., nice state of preservation, full OG or used, F/VF, C.v. $650
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2, 3, 4, 5
1134 **   223

Local Trident Overprints
Chernihiv (Type 1)

1918, black overprint on 1k orange, unique imperforated complete sheet of 100, Dr. Seichter's notes at the top bottom and between stamps, representing ten subtypes of overprint, slight horizontal and vertical folds, still fresh, full OG, NH, VF, C.v. $650 as singles
1135  2305


1918, violet overprint on 10k dark blue, top sheet margin perforated single cancelled on a piece by Berezno "11.3.19" date stamp, VF, ex-Dr. Zelonka, not priced as used in the Cat.
1136  2329

Chernihiv (Type 2)

1918, black overprint on perforated 3k red, postal cancellation, minor bottom left corner margin imperfection, still VF and very rare, expertized by J. Bulat, the stamp is listed, but has no price in the Bulat Cat., ex-Dr. Seichter and Dr. Zelonka
1918, black overprint over black surcharge 20k on 14k blue and carmine, large part of postal cancellation, fresh colors and intact perforation, VF and extremely rare, expertized by J. Bulat, ex-Dr. Zelonka, the stamp is not listed in Bulat, Dr. Ceresa nor Ukrainian Cats.


1918, registered cover sent locally, franked altogether by 18 stamps, including Gomel local violet overprint on imperforated 2k green in block of ten, which is probably unique, and horizontal imperforated strip of five with Kyiv violet overprint (type 2ee), all appropriate markings, backstamped, VF, ex-Dr Seichter, his detailed description is enclosed, he ranked this item as "RRR"
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1918, black overprint on imperforated 35k lilac brown and green, a part of Konstantynohrad postal cancellation, VF and very rare, ex-Dr. Zelonka, this stamp is not listed in the Bulat and Dr. Ceresa Cats, Ukrainian Cat. #6, C.v. $1,000
1140  2442/51

Novobilytsia (type 1)

1918, red lilac trident overprint on four used stamps, three of which cancelled on pieces, fresh, VF, expertized by J. Bulat, UPV and others
1141    2465


1918, black overprint on 50k violet and green, used on money order for 49rub from Ovruch to Zhytomyr, all appropriate markings, VF and scarce, expertized by Dr. Jemtschoujin, ex-J. Terlecky
1142 **/*   2466, 2469-70


1918, violet overprint on perforated 10k on 7k, imperforated 1k and 3k, set of three Soviet reprints (red NKVT handstamp on reverse), full OG, NH (1) or hinged, VF
1143  2488


1918, gray black overprint on perforated 15k lilac and blue, a part of postal cancellation, fresh and VF, one of just two known examples, expertized by Dr. Seichter and A. Popov
1144 */U   2492, 2494-95

Velyki Dederkaly

1918, violet overprint on perforated 10k on 7k, imperforated 70k and 1r, all are Soviet reprints (red NKVT handstamps on reverse), two are unused with full OG, LH, the last one is used, all are VF

Military Cancellations

1919, violet boxed three-line marking, the text reads: "Контора Полевой Пошти. 22.Мая.1919. П.Т. Корпусу Сичових С..." (Field Post Office. 22. May. 1919. P.T. Corps of Legionaries), tied over two values on a piece, mostly VF