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Lots 1093 - 1130,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #73, May 19, 2017. Raritan Stamps, Inc

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1915-16, "Student For Soldiers", "Lazaret Baldon", "For Soldiers and Their Families", "Slavic Committee", group of six round or oval-shaped labels printed in Riga, the last one with repaired crease, mainly nice condition, F/VF


1914-17, Patriotic War, multicolored charity label of 5k (design is similar to Petrograd issue) and two patriotic labels printed in Kokand and Fergana, mainly VF

Volga Region

1914-17, two multicolored imperforated labels "Saratov Helping Poland"; "Teaching Orphans of Lost Soldiers", two labels in green or blue from Samara; "Help for Wounded Soldiers and Prisoners of War" two labels printed in Tsaritsyn, one of which with full offset on reverse, mostly fresh and VF
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1905, "For Families of Soldiers Drafted to Far East from Vyatka Gub.", black and white Russo-Japanese War charity label of 1k with counterfoil attached, VF and rare

Donations for Christmas and Easter Presents for Russian Soldiers

1914-16, group of 18 mostly multicolored labels, including eight Red Cross and Sanatoria charity items, issued in Petrograd, Moscow, Dvinsk, Tiflis and etc., some from unknown origin, several with usual pin-holes, nice looking unit, mostly VF
1098 L D  

Balance of Charity Issues for the World War I

1914-17, 72 labels, 4 receipts of donation, 5 postcards, 1 cover and two documents, representing production of Petrograd, Moscow, Barnaul, Fellin, Kherson, Oryol, Voronezh, Vyatka, Yerevan and etc., many scarce items, some of unknown origin, occasional flaws should be expected, generally nice and valuable group, F/VF or better
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1910-20's, Alexandrovsk Charity Society, two round-shaped labels in red and blue, printed in Rostov; and "Add Street Girls to Labor", rectangular label in dark red, printed in Sevastopol, first two with pin-holes, still VF


1914-29, Jewish Labor Bund, two agitation labels, Leningrad and Odessa Jewish Committees, four receipts of donation, the total is six items, nice quality, mostly VF
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Air Post Charity

1917-30, four labels, issued in Moscow, Maykop and Ulyanovsk, nice quality, mostly VF

Charity Labels for Red Army Invalids

1923-31, nine items, including six labels (one in horizontal pair imperforated between), two postcards and one membership card with two labels inside, mostly fresh and F/VF
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Child Welfare, Help for Students and Struggle Against Illiteracy

1917-31, six different labels, produced in Kazan, Kharkov, Saratov, Simferopol and Vladivostok, nice condition, VF

Balance of the Consignment

1912-34, 23 items of various themes, representing Gulja, Kazan, Kharkov, Novocherkassk, Sverdlovsk, Tashkent, Warsaw and etc., minor flaws possible, mostly nice collectable quality material, F/VF
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1105 */U L  


1913-23, 116 stamps, representing 36 Imperial Consular stamps, 2 Provisional Government Consular stamps, 66 RSFSR revenues, Communist Leaders, bogus set of seven and 4 Special Delivery labels, all mounted on pages from the Collection, mostly VF, ex-Ustinovsky
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1106    1/14
1919, registered cover from Pskov to Libava, franked by nine stamps, each one with black or red overprint "Sev.Zap. Armia", postmarked on arrival, VF
1107    1/14
1919, registered cover from Pskov to Riga, franked by nine stamps, each one with black or red overprint "Sev.Zap. Armia", arrival ds on reverse, VF
1108 **   1-5 var
1919, "OKSA", 5k-50k, complete set of five in gutter tete-beche sheets of 200 (100+100), sheet of 50k printed on thin paper, all others - on ordinary paper, occasional marginal flaws, folded along the gutter, full OG, NH,VF, Liapine Cat. #1-5, 4A, C.v. $6,300
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1109 **/*   50-70, var
1917, black surcharges in "cents" and "dollars", 1c/1k- $10/10r, complete set of 22, including two positions of surcharge on 1r and 7r, full OG, mostly NH (19, including 10r), F/VF
1110  50-62
1917, black surcharges in "cents", 1c/1k-70c/70k, set of 13 in blocks of ten (5x2), perfin "Obrazets" (inverted on 50k and 70k), full OG, NH, VF and rare assemblage from the Postal Archives
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1111  134
1920, 7r green and rose, tied by "Imyangpo. Chinese Eastern Railroad Station" date stamp, fresh quality, VF, according to Tchilinghirian this cancellation on a "rub" value has rank "RRR"
1112  1a
1863, 6k light blue, printed on thin paper, blue dotted diamond cancellation, imperceptible thin at the bottom right corner, still fresh and nice, VF appearance, scarce stamp with appropriate cancellation, C.v. $1,350
1113  2
1865, (20pa) brown and blue, imperforated single with enlarged margins, perfect quality, large part of OG, previously hinged, VF, expertized by R. Calves, C.v. $800
1114  2
1865, (20pa) brown and blue, left sheet margin imperforated single, "785" inside triangular dotted cancellation (Alexandria), fresh, VF and scarce with readable postmark, C.v. $750
1115  5a
1866, (2pi) pale blue on horizontal rose network, block of six (3x2), nice condition, full OG, previously hinged (one stamp is NH), VF, ex-Faberge, C.v. $405 as singles
1116  23-26 imp
1884, Numerals, 1k-7k, imperforated complete set in horizontal pairs, three of which with bottom sheet margins, nice quality, full OG, previously hinged, VF and scarce
1117  67a, 68c, 69d
1909, errors of overprint "Constantinople", three high values - 10pi, 35pi and 70pi, full OG, LH or previously hinged, VF, C.v. $300
1118  71-80
1909, overprint "Jaffa", 5pa-70pi, complete set of ten, full OG, LH or previously hinged, VF, C.v. $318
1119  81-90
1909, overprint "Ierusalem", 5pa-70pi, complete set of ten, full OG, LH or previously hinged, VF, C.v. $350
1120  81-90
1909, overprint "Ierusalem", 5pa-70pi, complete set of ten, neatly cancelled, VF, C.v. $396
1121  151-60
1909, overprint "Trebizonde", 5pa-70pi, complete set of ten, all are lightly cancelled, two high values are cancelled on individual pieces, stamp of 10pi/1r with slight toned spots, otherwise fresh, VF, C.v. $132.50
1122 **   213-27
1913, Romanov Dynasty, surcharged issue, 5pa/1k-50pi/5r, complete set of 15, nice and flawless unit, full OG, NH, VF

Odessa Issue
Group of Surcharge Errors

1918, 37 mint items in singles, pairs, four strips of three and one block of four, inverted surcharges or letters, missing part of surcharges and etc., fresh quality, full OG, some NH, but mainly LH or hinged, F/VF
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1124 */U  Mi 3-5


1920, black overprint "G. M." on imperforated stamps of 1r, 3.50r and 5r, first one - postally used, others with full OG, previously hinged, F/VF
1125 */U   62-65, a, b, var

Far Eastern Republic - Vladivostok issue

1922, 5th Anniversary of the October Revolution, red overprints on 2k-10k, two complete sets of four, used on one piece and unused with curved "22" variety, in addition inverted overprints on 2k and 4k, double overprint on 5k, full OG, slightly toned on the last three stamps, LH or previously hinged, mostly VF, some expertized by Dr. Jemtschoujin, C.v. $1,270
1126    55


1920, money order for 5,000rub from Kharkov to Vologda Gub, franked by seven stamps, including black upwards overprint "RUB" over Kharkov trident on 15k in irregular block of six, all appropriate markings, filing fold away from the stamps and minor soiling, still F/VF, C.v. $225 for stamps off cover
1127  64-71, a
1920, handstamped upwards overprint "RUB" on Imperial stamps 1k-20k, complete set of eight, in addition five stamps with downwards (inverted) overprint, full OG, LH or previously hinged, VF, C.v. $609
1128  71 var
1920, double black upwards overprint "RUB" on 20k blue and carmine, appropriate postal cancellation, F/VF, Mi #7 IA DD, 250
1129  65-66, 71
1920, 2k in horizontal pair, 3k in vertical pair and single of 20k, all with upwards overprint "RUB" used on large part of money transfer for 1,500rub, appropriate Kharkov "3.11.20" ds, VF
1130  72-76, a
1920, handstamped upwards overprint "RUB" on imperforated stamps of 1k-15k, complete set of five, in addition three stamps with downwards (inverted) overprint, including 15k, which is listed, but has no price in Scott Cat., full OG, LH or previously hinged, VF and rare group, ex-V. Ustinovsky