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Lots 1145 - 1148,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #78, May 31, 2018. Raritan Stamps, Inc

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1918, black overprint (type 14b) on 20k blue and carmine, horizontal pair, left stamp with slight impression of trident, postal cancellation, mostly VF, expertized by Dr. Seichter, the stamp is not listed in the Bulat Cat., Ukrainian Specialized #19.5,.48, C.v. $500
1146  2176
1918, black overprint (type 16d) over 10k on 7k light blue, a part of Kodyma date stamp, VF and rare in used condition, expertized by J. Bulat, not priced in the Bulat Cat. as cancelled
1147  209a, var

Local Trident Overprints

Zhytomyr (type 1)

1918, inverted violet overprint on imperforated 70k brown and orange, re-joined block of three bottom right with inverted double overprint, large part of Ovruch (Volyn Gub.)"6.10.18" date stamp, mostly VF and extremely rare, expertized by J. Bulat, C.v. $300++ for three inverted overprints, stamp with inverted double overprint is not recorded
1148    210
1918, postcard from Volochisk Train Station to Odessa, franked by five stamps, including violet overprint on imperforated 1r, tied by "23.9.18" date stamp (the earliest recorded cancellation with Zhytomyr trident), postmarked Odessa "24.9.18", VF, this card illustrated in the Dr. Ceresa Handbook, expertized by Dr. Seichter