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Lots 1150 - 1168,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #73, May 19, 2017. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
Net Price
1150  110-13, 112a, 114-18
1922, round-shaped overprint "Priam. Zemskiy Krai" in blue or vermilion on Far Eastern Republic stamps 2k-10k, including inverted overprint on 5k, surcharges and "P.Z.K." overprints, the total is 11stamps, full/large part of OG (No.118 cancelled on a piece), mostly VF, C.v. $335
1151  110, 114-15
1922, blue round-shaped overprint "Priam. Zemskiy Krai " on Far Eastern Republic of 2k green, and blue surcharges of 1k/2k and 3k/4k, complete panes of 25, each one with cut out left corners, presumably for security purposes, slightly dried original gum as always, VF, C.v. $1,500 as singles
1152 */U  Mi 1A, B


1918, black surcharge 60(k) on 1k orange, one perforated and four imperforated values, each one of different surcharge types, three mint and two postally used, fresh quality, VF, C.v. 620
1153 **   20a/36d

South Russia
Selection of Errors

1918-20, 11 mint stamps in singles, pairs and block of four, including ten inverted surcharges, one double and three shifts, No.36b has gum crease, others are in flawless condition, full OG,NH, VF, C.v. $545++
1154  66-71

Denikin issue

1919, Coat of Arms, 1r-10r, set of six high values, imperforated or partly perforated, each one with double or triple impression of center, full OG, NH (4), LH (2) or unused, no gum, VF
1155 **/U  Mi 1, var


1922, black handstamped surcharge 7500(r) on Saving stamp of 5k green on yellow network, two singles, one of which with downwards (inverted) surcharge, postally used or mint, full OG, NH, VF, ex-Dr. Zelonka
1156 Mi 2 I


1921, black handstamped downwards surcharge "0250"(r) on 7r green and rose, perforated single, appropriate Zhukovka cancellation, VF and scarce undervalued stamp
1157 */U   

Valuable Collection of Local issues

1918-22, 113 stamps, representing over 40 different districts, such as Danilov, Klin, Minsk, Molchanovo, Nolinsk, Olekminsk, Pavlovsk, Petrovsk, Tomsk and etc., including a dozen of straight line cancellations looking as provisional overprints and not catalogued as local issues of the Civil War Period, as well as three local stationery postcards, nice quality unit, full OG or used, F/VF, ex-Ustinovsky
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1158  Schmidt #14

Catalogue numbers in this section are taken from the Catalogue of Russian Rural Postage Stamps edited in Moscow by F. Chuchin unless otherwise noted


1882, 3k blue and red, type 2, nice quality single, full OG,LH, VF, Chuchin #8 footnote, rank "R"
1159  10
1883, 3k blue and bright red, excellent stamp in every respect, large part of OG, previously hinged, VF and scarce, Schmidt #17, rank "RR" by Chuchin and Schmidt Cat.
1160 **   Schmidt #112


1919, 1r black on green network, complete tete-beche sheet of eight, slight fold along the gutter, full OG, NH, VF, ex-Ustinovsky
1161  4-5, var


1872, 1k and 5k, two different shades for each stamp, full/part of OG or unused, no gum (1), VF
1162  6-10 var
1873, 1k-10k, complete set of nine, including color shades of 1k, 5k and both 10k stamps, full/large part of OG (one stamp has no gum), previously hinged, mostly VF
1163 **   38, var
1884, 5k gray lilac, top right corner sheet margin block of four, upper left stamp has incomplete retouch of the oval with visible "5" on the right, full OG, NH (hinged at the margin), VF and an attractive piece
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1164    74
1893, cover from Warsaw to Bogorodsk zemstvo, franked by Imperial stamp of 7k blue, upon arrival to Bogorodsk uprated with 5k orange red, paid for rural delivery, all appropriate markings, VF and scarce origin
1165 */U   81-90
1894, 2k-20k, two complete issues of eight and two respectively, full/part of OG or used, F/VF, C.v. $252
1166    90
1894, cover from Moscow to Bogorodsk zemstvo, franked by 7k blue, tied by numeral cancellation, upon arrival to Bogorodsk uprated with 4k rose, all appropriate markings, VF
1167    150
1896, cover from Russian Levant (St. Athon Monastery) to Bogorodsk zemstvo via Odessa, franked by 10k carmine and green, upon delivery by Imperial Post additionally franked with zemstvo stamp of 4k orange, paid local postage, all appropriate transit and arrival markings, light vertical fold away from the stamps, mostly VF
1168  15a


1895, imperforated plate proof of 3k in green (issued color), fresh quality, no gum as produced, VF