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Lots 611 - 621,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #78, May 31, 2018. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
Net Price
611    974-79
1945, Battle Scenes, 20k-1r, complete set of six used on registered cover in Moscow in 1951, postmarked on arrival, VF, SC #874-79
612  992 var
1945, Victory Day, dark blue overprint on Order of Victory 3r brick red, top part of overprint completely broken, full OG, LH, VF, SC #895 var
613  993 var
1945, Soviet Bomber "Pe-8", 1r gray black, bottom sheet margin single, imperforated at the bottom, neat corner cancellation, minor marginal soiling, still VF, SC #898 Pa
614  1006 var
1945, 75th Anniversary of the birth of Lenin, 3r black brown, bottom sheet margin stamp, imperforated at the bottom, full OG, VLH, F/VF, SC #911 Pa
615  1022 var
1946, Stalin Victory Medal, (30k) orange brown, bottom sheet margin single with missing bottom part of the design, large part of OG, VF, SC #927 var
616  1028 var
1946, Soviet Elections, 60k gray green, top sheet margin vertical pair, imperforated at the top and between stamps, lightly cancelled, VF, SC #934 Pb
617    1059-66
1946, Views of Moscow, 5k-1r, complete set of eight, used on home-made large size postcard, sent by registered mail in Moscow in 1951, all appropriate markings and arrival ds, mostly VF, SC #980-87
618  1063, 1066 var
1946, Views of Moscow, 45k dark green and 1r red brown, two corner sheet margin singles, imperforated on the right and at the top respectively, neat cancellations, VF, SC #984, Pa, 987 Pa
619    1080a-82a
1947, 25th Anniversary of Soviet Postage stamps, set of three souvenir sheets, each one used on individual registered cover, sent in Moscow in 1951, arrival ds and all appropriate markings, VF, SC Blocks 6-8
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620  1081a var
1947, 25th Anniversary of Soviet Postage stamps, 30k green and brown, souvenir sheet of four, incorrect cutout, resulting in stamps and text shifted to the top and turned anti-clockwise, full OG, LH, VF
621  1125 var
1947, Moscow Council Building, 30k black, red and blue, perforated and imperforated bottom left corner sheet margin singles, first one has red color significantly shifted to the left, the other one with omitted blue color, full OG,LH, VF, SC #1049 Tb, 1050 Ta