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Lots 620 - 622,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #74, July 21, 2017. Raritan Stamps, Inc

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1851, Entire wrapper of pre-philatelic unpaid letter, delivered by a steamship from Lisbon via London and Ostend, addressed to Parnu, Riga boxed transit and Parnu double circle receiver, mounted on page from the Collection with detailed explanation of postal rate, mostly VF
1886, stationery envelope 7k blue, sent on June 25 from Kerch-Enikol (Crimea Peninsula) to Veisenshtein (now Estonia), posted onto steamship "Kerch-Taganrog" and then was handled by eight(!) different TPO, delivered to Veisenshtein on July 4, envelope was opened for display and all markings shown, mounted on page from the Collection, mostly VF and very scarce item
1896, Russian Levant stationery letter card 10k red and green, sent from Beirut on May 6 (date line in French inside the card) to Ramle (now - Israel), posted onto R.O.P.iT steamship of Mediterranean Coast Line and delivered to Alexandria on May 9, black boxed "Pleine Mer" (High Seas) marking, Ramle arrival ds on reverse, VF, mounted on page from the Collection, VF and scarce