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Lots 642 - 648,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #73, May 19, 2017. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
Net Price
642  238-41
1923, 1r-10r, perforated set of six, each stamp with a part or full letters in red or blue of "Obrazets" overprint, full OG, VLH, VF, SC #100-03, 0105-06
643  238a-41c
1923, 1r-20r, imperforated complete set of seven, including unissued 1r and 2r, with additional shades of 1r and 10r, the total is ten stamps, full OG, LH, VF, SC #0107 -13
644  240b
1923, peasant 5r blue, imperforated single with spectacular pre-printing paper fold, full OG, previously hinged, VF
645  241c fn
1923, soldier 20r, four essays, three perforated in gray, gray violet and black violet, one imperforated in black violet, full OG, LH, VF
646 */U   230-37, 238-41A var


1922-23, 436 mint and used (50%) stamps, including one single and two panes of 100r with error stamp of 70r, complete set 10r-100r with perforation 12 1/2, unissued 1r with perfin "O" (Obrazets), double impression of 5r and many other errors, fresh quality in general, full OG or used, mostly VF
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Postal Rates of the RSFSR

1918-23, over 400 used stamps in singles, pairs, strips, blocks and multiples, as well as six postal history items and two large parts of correspondences, representing all six existing tariffs change, some nice cancellations, especially four singles cancelled on October 25, 1917 (November 7) - the day of October Revolt, minor usual flaws should be expected, F/VF and interesting lot for a specialist
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648  B14-17

Semi-Postal RSFSR Issues

Volga Famine Relief issue

1921, 2250r in various colors, complete set of four, printed on ordinary paper, each value with a part of "Obrazets" overprint, full OG, LH, VF, SC #18-21