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Lots 730 - 734,
Catalogue of Stamp Auction #80, December 14, 2018. Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
730 **   472-78, var
1932-33, 15th Anniversary of the October Revolution, 3k- 35k, complete set of seven, stamp of 10k with perforation L12 1/2, full OG (slightly disturbed on 30k), NH, mostly VF
731  487-88
1933, Leningrad Philatelic Exhibition, red surcharges 30k on 15k and 70k on 35k, complete set of two, full OG, previously hinged, VF, C.v. $325
732  490/508
1933, Ethnographic issue, 2k-30k, set of 14 values, each stamp with a part of perfin "Obrazets", a few have perforation trimmed by scissors at one side, fresh quality unit, full OG, previously hinged, VF and very rare assemblage
733 **   500
1933, Ethnographic issue, Russians, 15k orange, triple black handstamp on reverse reads: "Franklin D. Roosevelt. April, 1946. HR Harmer" confirming that the stamp was offered in action after the President Roosevelt death, full OG with minor usual waves, NH, VF
734 **   514-16, 515 var
1933, Revolutionary Heroes, 1k-5k, complete set of three, in addition bottom sheet margin single of 3k with vertical position of watermark, full OG, NH, VF