Lots 106 - 116, Catalogue of Auction #24 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#

Russian Imperial stamps used in Armenia and Georgia

1889-94, 17 covers from Yerevan or Tiflis to Tabriz (Persia) via Dzhulfa (then Yerevan province, now Azerbaijan), each franked with one or two Imperial 10kblue (#42), met 10k or 20k postal rate, all appropriate markings, VF and nice specialized lot
107 **/U   156a
1920, black surch 25r on 70k brown and orange, left sheet margin imperf block of 4, a part of Yerevan canc at the UL corner, NH, VF, Mi #81, ?445=US$543++
108  161var
1920, black surch 100r on 7r dark green and pink with horiz varnish lines, bottom margin block of 4, Yerevan favor canc is in the middle, full OG, F/VF and very rare, Mi #72, ?3,000 for mint, and not priced for used stamps
109 Mi If
1920, Paris issue, 25r, two plate proofs of frames only, first one in green, the other one in blue green, fresh, no gum as issued, VF
110 Mi I f, h, k
1920, Paris issue, 25r green, 50r blue, 100r red, three imperf proofs of frames only, two of which are sheet margin copies, no gum as issued, VF
111 Mi Ih
1920, Paris issue, 50r, lot of twenty six plate proofs of frames only, all different colors, printed on paper without gum, fresh, VF and scarce assembly
112 Mi Ik
1920, Paris issue, Ararat Mountain, 100r dark red and black brown, imperf plate proof in issued colors, left sheet margin block of 4, vert and horiz perf lines across the design, no gum as issued, VF and very scarce
113 **   368
1922, black surch 35(k) on 20,000r lake, vertical imperf pair, NH, VF, Mi #153aB, ?400 as hinged singles
1944, Armenian newspaper sent from Tehran to the Armenian Prelacy at NYC, Iranian 10d magenta (#878) in block of 4 is affixed over to pay for the delivery, censored twice by British and joint "Soviet Union - Persian -British" censors, some paper wearing, still F/VF and interesting item for the specialist

Armenian military mailings during the World War I

1915, free-frank military cover from Tiflis to Yerevan, addressed to Army volunteer F. Danielian, censored, mostly VF
1916, free-frank military cover from Tiflis to Yerevan, violet military marking of Armenian Detachment, censored, VF and scarce