Lots 1158 - 1162, Catalogue of Auction #24 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1158    J7
1925, red surch 14k on 35k ultra applied on reverse of pre-printed cover from Usol'ye (Ural Region) to Moscow, which was sent without paid postage, oval postage due marking endorsed "14k" is on obverse, minor conveyance flaws, F/VF
1159 **   J10b var
1924, violet surch 1k on 100r brown orange, color var, printed on thin paper, full OG, NH, VF, signed W. Pohl
1160    J12, J15
1925, PPC from Tallinn to Leningrad Govt, insufficiently franked with Estonian 10m blue, three postage due stamps and boxed postage due canc were placed upon arrival, all appropriate markings, dues folded and affixed onto front of card, otherwise VF
1161    J14
1925, 7k orange, typo printing, applied on reverse of cover sent to Moscow without paid postage, boxed postage due marking and arrival ds, mostly VF
1162    J15
1925, 8k green, litho printing, applied on reverse of cover locally sent in Moscow, which was franked with worker 4k carmine, boxed postage due marking endorsed "8", arrival ds, VF