Lots 223 - 235, Catalogue of Auction #25 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
223  37c
1869, Napoleon III, 5fr gray blue, neat "six-pointed star" cancel, minor repaired thin as always exists, otherwise fresh, F/VF, Yvert #33a, ?1,100, Scott C.v. $800
224  226b
1925, Peace and Commerce, 5fr carmine, stamp from Paris s.s, LH, VF, Yvert #216, Scott C.v. $95
225  241
1927, Strasbourg Philatelic Exhibition, s.s. of 2, neat Strasbourg date cancellation, appropriate size, fresh, VF, Yvert Bl#2, ?1,150
226 **   329
1937, PEXIP Philatelic Exhibition, s.s. of 4, nice and fresh, full OG, NH, VF, C.v. $300
227 **   B11

Semi - Postal issues

1918, Red Cross, 15c+5c slate and red, very fresh and perfectly centered, NH, VF, Yvert #156, ?300
228 **   B66-67
1937, Winged Victory, cplt set in matched bottom right corner margin blocks of 4, block of 30c has naturally uneven gum, otherwise perfect centering, post office fresh, NH, VF, Yvert #354-55, ?1,230++
229 **   C1-2

Air Post stamps

1927, International Aviation Exhibition, "plane" ovpt, cplt set of 2, excellent centering and post office fresh, NH, VF, expertized by J.-F. Brun, Yvert #PA1-2, Scott C.v. $750++
230 **   C6b
1930, perfin initials "E.I.P.A.30" on 1.50 ultra, bottom left corner margin copy, in addition the same perfin on blank stamp and two - at the bottom margin, extremely fresh, full OG, NH, VF, Yvert #6c, Scott C.v. $500++
231 **   C8-14, var
1936, Plane over Paris, cplt set of 8, including both shades of 85c stamp, the high value is top margin copy, nice centering and perforation, very fresh, full OG, NH, VF and rare in this pristine condition, Yvert #PA8-14, 8a, ?1,860++
232 **   C27
1950, Air view of Paris, 1000fr dark violet blue and black on light blue paper, cplt issue by Yvert, NH, VF, C.v. $85
233 SB   167

Stamp Booklet

1929, Dulcream, unexploded 4Fr stamp booklet, containing 20 stamps of 20c red violet, post office fresh, VF, Yvert #190-C1, ?45

French Occupation of Lemnos

1919, free-frank PPC to Algeria, bearing military label "De Zouaves. Battalion Territorial", tied with "Tresor et Postes.198" cds, military marking, VF and rare card
235    4

French Offices in China - Mongtseu

1905, PPC from Mongtseu to Constantinople via Port Said, franked with 5c yellow green, which was folded and adhered onto picture side, delivered with packet-boat, "Ligne No.7" cds, VF