Lots 443 - 454, Catalogue of Auction #25 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
443    3-4, 6-7
1919, four stamps of the Second Vilnius issue, used on cover to Dvinsk (now Daugavpils - Latvia), appropriately canc with Grodnenskaya PT Kontora violet seal, arrival marking on reverse, light vert fold did not affecting the stamps, the cover is slightly reduced on the right, otherwise F/VF and scarce mailing
444 **   20-26
1919, Third Kaunas issue, cplt set of 6, sheet margin blocks of 9, showing different typesetting var, one stamp of 40sk with tiny tear, nevertheless very fresh, no gum as issued, VF and scarce multiples
445 **   57 var
1919, Vytis issue, 75sk, imperf right margin imprint block of 6 (3x2), printed on white thin gummed paper, centers are completely omitted, NH, VF
446    58
1920, money order from Mazheikiai to Kaunas, franked with vert pair of Vytis issue 1auk gray and red, arrival ds, two archival pinholes, otherwise VF
447 **/*   119a
1922, League of Nations' Recognition of Lithuania, 8auk (instead of 6auk) dark blue and greenish blue, printing error, block of 8 (4x2), one stamp with tiny thin from hinge removal, otherwise very fresh, nice centering, NH (6) or previously hinged, VF, and very scarce multiple, Mi #136F
448  242-55
1930, Grand Duke Vitautas, cplt set of 14, fresh, full OG,LH or hinged, F/VF, Mi #293-306, ?140
449 **   259 fn
1935, "Lithuanica II" Flight New York - Kaunas, red ovpt on 50c gray black and olive, large margins imperf copy, fresh and choice, full OG, NH, VF, Mi #404 fn
450    306-09
February 15, 1939, 20th Anniversary of Independence, two illustrated envelopes, showing views of Kaunas, used as registered FDCs' addressed to New York, each is bearing cplt set of "Lietuva Nepriklausoma", all appropriate markings, VF
451 **   B43-46

Semi - Postal issues

1938, National Olympiad, cplt set of 4, NH, VF, Mi #417-20, ?50
452  C40 var

Air Post stamps

1930, J. Tubelis, 5c multi, bister color is completely omitted, full OG, hinged, VF, Mi #307F
453    C42
1930, J. Tubelis, 15c maroon, gray and blue, four stamps used on pre-printed cover from Kaunas to London, arrival cds on obverse, negligible folds away from the stamps, F/VF
454 **   C71-78
1933, Great Personalities, cplt set of eight in tete-beche triangle blocks of 4, NH, VF, Mi #372-79, ?80++