Lots 979 - 985, Catalogue of Auction #25 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
979  L2
1863, 2k black on paper with rose network, balanced margins, pen cross cancellation, minor thin, still fresh, VF appearance, Mi #1
980  L2
1863, 2k black on paper with rose network, nice margins at three sides and touched on the left, pen cross canc, tiny thin, F/VF appearance
981 (*)   L3
1863, 4k black on paper with blue green network, nice margins, tiny thin, unused, no gum, VF appearance
982 (*)   L3d
1863, 4k black on paper with yellow green inverted network, bottom margin copy, minor thin, still fresh, unused, no gum, VF, expertized by Mikulski, Mi #2b I
983    L4
1870, 2k brick red and yellow green, issued in 1868, used together with four Imperial stamps (Scott #19, #20x3) on cover from Wenden to Pernau (now Parnu - Estonia), pen cross cancelled and tied with Wenden ds, postmarked on arrival, roughly opened due to wax seal, otherwise VF and very rare
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984  L10a
1880, 2k black green and red, top margin imperf copy, full OG, previously hinged, VF, Mikulski expertizing mark
985  L12b var
1901-03, Wenden Castle, three imperf stamps of 2k dark green and brown, all different shades and paper var, fresh, no gum as issued, VF, Chuchin Cat. #18-20 imp