Lots 1189 - 1215, Catalogue of Auction #26 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1189    3a

Ukraine - General issues

1919, 30sh blue, tied with machine Kiev ds, used on PPC from Kiev to Kharkov, postmarked on arrival, VF and scarce franking
1190  41a var

Ukrainian Trident overprints on Imperial stamps

1918, inverted black trident overprint on 3.50r maroon and green, imperf block of 4, postally used, traces of stamp ink on the face, still F/VF and reportedly the only known block of 4 of this variety
1191 **   40c var


1918, black trident overprint (type II) on 1r brown and orange, imperf block of 6 stamps and two labels (4x2), right part of the block without overprints, in addition one overprint is placed at the bottom margin, full OG, NH, VF
1192 **   41c var
1918, black trident ovpt (type II) on 3.50r maroon and green, bottom margin block of 5 stamps and 1 label (3x2), left stamp and label without ovpt, in addition two overprints at the bottom margin, fresh, full OG, NH
1193  41c var
1918, black trident overprint (type II) on 3.50r maroon and green, green color is strongly shifted to the left, block of 4, two left stamps with double ovpt, one stamp with minor corner crease, otherwise fresh, full OG, LH, VF
1194   Mi P18b
1922, Kerensky stationery reply card with boxed violet trident surcharge 10k on 5k brown, reply portion is attached and used for message, sent from Kharkiv to Yugoslavia via Moscow, erroneously tied with oval postage due, which was obliterated by pen cross, arrival ds, VF and scarce commercial card
1195 **   40g var


1918, black trident overprint (type III) on 1r brown and orange, imperf block of 4, background is printed on gum side, horiz filling fold across two bottom values, still fresh, NH, VF and scarce
1196    40f
1919, money order from Zhytomyr to Volyn, franked with horiz imperf pair of Kiev violet trident overprint (type II) on 1r brown and orange, VF
1197  9h, 27h, 31h


1918, black trident overprint (type I), three stamps with double overprint, full OG, LH, VF, signed Siechter
1198 **   31h var
1918, black trident overprint (type I) on 3k red, full offset of stamp design on reverse, as well as overprint placed on gum side, horiz imperf pair, fresh, NH, VF and scarce error
1199    31h, 9f
1919, two horiz pairs of stamps with Odessa trident overprint, used on reverse of local cover in Yelisavetgrad, oval postage due marking and endorsement 30(k) is on obverse, VF
1200  9i, 15i, 17i, 29i, 30i var
1918, inverted black trident overprint (type II), five stamps, fresh, full OG, LH, VF, signed Siechter or UPV (Canadian Society of Ukrainian Philately)
1201  6k, 7k
1918, black trident overprint (type IV) on two high values printed on vert laid paper, fresh, full OG, previously hinged, VF
1202  35k
1918, black trident overprint (type IV) on 20k blue and carmine, imperf copy, used on piece, VF, only 200 stamps have been produced
1203  10m, 17m, 27-28m
1918, black trident overprint (type Vd), four stamps, fresh, full OG, LH or hinged, VF, expertized by J. Bulat (3) or UPV
1204  44m
1918, black trident overprint (type Va) on 10r scarlet, yellow and gray, imperf copy, nice and readable cancellation, VF
1205    17o


1919, money order from Smotrich to Kamenets, franked with Podolia trident overprint on 20k blue and carmine and 10sh buff (#1), arrival ds, archival holes did not affect the stamps, fresh, VF and scarce, Bulat expertizing mark
1206    29o
1920, parcel card from Field Post Station "B" to Kostroma, franked with eighteen stamps, including imperf strip of five of Podolia trident overprints on 1k orange, and thirteen Imperial stamps on reverse (four stamps trimmed), arrival ds, light folds not affecting the stamps, VF and rare mailing
1207 **/*   9p var


1918, violet trident overprint (type I) on 2k green, block of 4, bottom left stamp in addition bearing black trident overprint of the same type, two top stamps are LH, bottom ones - NH, VF and rare multiple, several expertizing marks on reverse
1208  21s
1918, black trident overprint (type II) on 70k red brown and orange, postally used, insignificant perf toning at the top right corner, still F/VF and collectable copy of this extremely rare stamp, which is listed, but not priced in Scott Cat., expertized by J. Bulat, Siechter
1209  66

Western Ukraine

1919, surcharge on Postage Due stamps of Bosnia, 6sh black, red and yellow, full OG, previously hinged, F/VF, Bulat expertizing mark, Mi #34, ?600
1210 **   F2

Western Ukraine Registration stamps

1918-19, 50sot black, printed on rose paper, vert pair, bottom stamp with repaired tear, otherwise fresh, no gum as issued, F/VF, C.v. $200++
1211  21

Carpatho - Ukraine

Catalogued by Michel Osteuropa 2005/06

1945, surcharge (type 2) 60 on Hungarian 4f+1f brown carmine, fresh, full OG, LH, VF, expertized by D. Flasch, 220 copies have been produced, Mi C.v. ?120
1212  39
1945, surcharge (type 4) 40 on Hungarian 12f green, fresh, full OG, LH, VF, expertized by D. Flasch, 96 copies have been issued, Mi C.v. ?250
1213 **   60-61
1945, surcharges (type 2) 60 on Hungarian 4f dark green, and on 20f blue, fresh, full OG, NH, F/VF, Mi C.v. ?120
1214 **   81U-86U
1945, Soviet Star, 10f-200f, imperforated cplt set in horiz pairs, usual slightly uneven gum, fresh, NH, VF, Mi ?360++
1215    P26
1945, Hungarian Field Post stationery card, printed on grayish green paper, obliterated text and surcharge "-.40" in black, two "Soviet Star" stamps is affixed on obverse and cancelled with Chop postmark, fresh, VF