Lots 81 - 83, Catalogue of Auction #26 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
81 **   22 var
1922, violet overprint "Baku" (Baku Train Station) on 150r light blue, fresh, no gum as issued, VF and scarce, expertized by Azerbaijan Philatelic, this stamp is listed, but has no price in Chuchin Catalogue
82 **   22, 24 var
1922, two stamps with red violet and violet overprints "Baku 927" (TPO No.927), no gum as issued, VF and rare, stamp of 150r expertized by Azerbaijan Philatelic
83 **   22 var
1922, three stamps of 150r blue overprinted in black, violet and red violet "Priniato" (Shemakha Post Office), no gum as issued, VF and very rare, expertized by Azerbaijan Philatelic, these stamps are listed, but have no price in Chuchin Cat.