Lots 182 - 195, Catalogue of Auction #27 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
182  3
1879, 25c black and violet, printed on horiz laid paper, minor thin from hinge removal, otherwise very fresh and nice copy with intact perforation and full OG, F/VF, Mi #3, ?700
183 (*)   8
1881, 10st black and green, printed on horiz laid paper, brilliant colors, unused, no gum, VF, Mi #8, ?250
184 **   12-18, 23-24
1882-85, Coat of Arms, 1s-50s, complete by Michel set of 9, post office fresh, NH, F/VF and scarce never hinged, Mi #12-20, ?200 as hinged
185 **   237-43
1931, Balkan Games, complete set of 7, very fresh and choice, full OG, NH, F/VF, Mi #242-48, ?360
186 **   244-50
1933, Balkan Games, the second issue, complete set of 7, nice centering and perforation, full OG, NH, VF, Mi #252-58, ?1,400
187 **   273-78
1935, 8th Tournament of the Yunak Gymnastic Association, complete set of 6, fresh, NH, F/VF, Mi #280-85, ?450
188 **   C1-4, var

Air Post stamps

1927-28, "plane" overprint in various colors, complete set of 4, and three stamps with overprints in unissued colors, fresh, NH, F/VF, Mi #206-09, I-III, ?132.50
189 **   C2-3 var
1927-28, two stamps with unissued black "plane" overprint, last one is bottom margin copy, NH, F/VF, Mi #208-09 var
190 **   C4 var
1927-28, red surcharge of "plane" and 1L on 6L blue and pale green, horiz pair imperf between, NH, F/VF and scarce
November 11, 1927, First Flight cover from Ruse to Kustendil via Sofia, franked with three values, including 4L with black "plane" overprint, arrival and transit markings on reverse, light horiz fold away from the stamps, VF
192 **   C12-14
1932, Junkers plane over Rila Monastery, complete set of 3, all with sheet margins, two of them with marginal imprint, NH, VF, Mi #249-51, ?320
193 **   J24-36

Postage Due stamps - Collection

1915-21, 98 mainly mint NH stamps on original pages, contains two complete issues, with many plate varieties, including six fantails (imperf at one side), seven imperf between, three imperf singles, one imperf pair, and one imperf strip of 3, in addition block of 30 of #J36, mostly VF, nice and clean collection
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194    27

Eastern Rumelia (South Bulgaria)

1885, blue overprint (type b) on 5pa lilac and pale lilac, used on pre-printed postcard in Philippole (Plovdiv), circular straight lines cancellation and bilingual ds, minor facial card scratch, did not affect the stamp, mostly VF, expertized by Calves
195    27a
1885, blue overprint (type a) on 5pa lilac and pale lilac, used on pre-printed postcard in Philippole (Plovdiv), blue bilingual ds, VF, expertized by Paetow