Lots 277 - 281, Catalogue of Auction #27 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
277  2
1858, 10k carmine rose, small pearls, pen cross and Helsingfors large single-circle canc, close margin on the right but not touched, thin spot at the top margin only, otherwise very fresh and choice stamp, F/VF appearance, Facit #2e, SKr4,500=US$580
278  8
1870, 10p black, printed on very thin yellow straw paper, roulette III, two perforation flaws, otherwise very fresh color, mint copy with traces of OG, F/VF, Facit #7V3C3, SKr6,000, Scott C.v. $625
279  68
1902, imperforated proof of 1m in violet and dark green, horiz pair, nice balanced margins, no gum as issued, VF

Russian Imperial stamps used in Grand Duchy Finland - Fabulous Postal History Collection

1900-17, 29 postal history items and 16 used stamps on 24 exhibition style pages, written in Italian, mostly addressed to foreign destinations, shown various franko, porto and transit markings, several from World War I period bearing different censorship markings; one card and one cover with faults, others are F/VF or better, rarely offered material
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Zeppelin Flight

September 24, 1930, Zeppelin Baltic Sea Flight cover, franked with three stamps, including horiz pair of "Zeppelin 1930" red overprint (#C1), tied with Helsinki ds, Berlin red connection, Finnish violet flight cachet, Friedrichshafen "25.9.30" arrival marking on reverse, mostly VF, Sieger #89B, ?675