Lots 1002 - 1011, Catalogue of Auction #28 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1002    127X I, X II

Catalogued by Michel Osteuropa 2005/06

Postal Saving stamps

1922, American Relief Administration pre-printed postcard from Odessa to New York via Moscow, franked with five stamps, including four Postal Control 25k black and rose, two of which have inverted network, traces of previous mounts, otherwise fresh, VF and scarce franking, Mi C.v. ?720++
1003    132

Postal Control stamps

1921, two stamps, including Control 1r yellow brown with orange network, used on money letter from Viatka to Kharkov, wax seals, archival holes on the left, otherwise F/VF
1004    137
1920, postal money order for 5000rub, sent from Novaya Bukhara to Saratov Govt., franked by Control stamp 100r brown with blue and carmine network, all appropriate markings, VF
1005    137
1921, cover from Perm Govt. to Harbin, franked on reverse by Control stamp 100r brown with blue and carmine network, Harbin arrival ds, two folds did not affect the stamp, F/VF
1006 **   3 var

Philatelic Exchange stamps

1923, black surcharge 1k on 1k brown with light brown network, perforation 11 1/2, vertical pair of two different types of surcharge, full OG, NH, VF and scarce
1007 **   13C
1925, surcharge (type II) 1r on 3k carmine and gray, perforation 13 1/2, full OG, NH, VF, Mi C.v. ?120
1008 **   18 var
1928, surcharge 50k on 1000r red, horizontal imperforated pair, post office fresh, NH, VF and scarce
1009 **   21 var
1932, black surcharge 15k on 70k brown, block of 4, top left stamp with break in "15" and right "kop" in surcharge, full OG, NH, VF
1010 **   29 var
1933, inverted black surcharge 10r on 35k ultra, post office fresh, NH, F/VF

Broadcast Official stamps

1926-27, 1k-100r, complete set of 13, affixed over five die sunk illustrated pages, each stamp handstamped "OBRAZETS" (Specimen) in violet, fresh, VF and rare assembly
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