Lots 1083 - 1113, Catalogue of Auction #28 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1083  1-2

Catalogued by Michel Russland-Spezial-Catalog 2005


1920, two surcharged values 10r on 15k, and 25r on 3k, postally used, last one - on piece, F/VF, C.v. 220
1084    25

Far Eastern Republic
Chita issue

1922, horizontal pair of 10k blue, used on registered cover from Vladivostok to NYC, all appropriate markings, VF, expertized Mikulski
1085    33
1923, horizontal pair of 20k blue, red and black, used on registered cover from Sretensk to Berlin, postmarked on arrival, VF
1086  56 var

Far Eastern Republic
Air Post stamps

1923, inverted red surcharge 20k on 50k violet brown and green, fresh, very light trace of hinge, VF and rare, expertized by Rosselevitch, Lissiuk's guarantee marking
1087 **   1-7 IA, B


1920, overprint "RUB", perforated complete set of 7, and imperforated set of 4 (less #6 IB), most with sheet margins, fresh, full OG, NH, F/VF, seven stamps expertized by Romeko or Rosselevitch, C.v. 335++
1088 **   2 IIA-7 IIA, 4 IIB
1920, inverted overprint "RUB", perforated complete set of 6, and imperforated copy of 5k claret, full OG, NH, F/VF, five stamps expertized by Romeko or Rosselevitch. C.v. 276
1089 **/*   4 IA var
1920, overprint "RUB" on 5k claret bottom sheet margin vertical strip of 3, stamps is in the middle with double overprint, full OG, top stamp is LH, two bottom ones are NH, VF, expertized by Ceresa
1090    2 IA-3 IA
1920, registered cover from Kharkov to Moscow, franked with four stamps overprinted "RUB", postmarked on arrival, VF, ex-Liphschutz
1091 **   8/16
1920, overprint "RUB" over Kharkov trident, set of 7, less perforated 20k on 14k, and imperforated 2k stamp, some with sheet margins, full OG, NH, F/VF, four stamps expertized by Bulat or Romeko, C.v. 610
1092 **   18 var
1920, overprint "RUB" over Kiev trident (type I, multiple handstamp) on 1k orange, three side margin imperforated block of 10 (5x2), slight gum wrinkle at the top right corner, very fresh, full OG, NH, VF, each stamp with Bulat's expertizing mark, C.v. 300++


1922, violet manuscript 7500r on 250r violet, block of 6 (3x2), postally used, bottom right stamp has thin, two slight vertical folds, nevertheless fresh, F/VF and extremely rare multiple, ex-Adler
1094  1b


1921, complete violet seal over 2k green, block of 4, nicely cancelled, perf separation enforced by hinge at the bottom, VF, Rosselevitch expertizing mark, C.v. 200
1095 **   1

Nizhni Novgorod

1922, handstamped 100,000r on 250r violet, block of 4, full OG, very light trace of hinge at the top margin, stamps are NH, VF, C.v. 800++
1096  1-14

North West Army

1919, black or red overprint "Sev. Zap. Armia" on Imperial stamps, complete set of 14, full OG, LH or hinged, F/VF, expertized by Eichenthal and others, C.v. 440
1097  2a, b


1920, black or violet handstamped surcharges 35r on 35k red brown and green, full OG, LH, F/VF, expertized by W. Pohl, C.v. 70
1098  2-7, var


1920, black handstamped surcharges, 2(r)-20(r), eight stamps, including horizontal pair of 2r (ex-Faberge) and two stamps of 20k - different shades, postally used, F/VF, expertized by Romeko, C.v. 695++
1099  1b


1922, red violet surcharge 100,000r on 100r orange, full OG, previously hinged, VF, Soviet Philatelic guarantee marking, C.v. 200


1918-19, lot of nine unused black-and-white PPC, showing Allied Powers and Armies of Japan and China arriving at Vladivostok, printed in Japan, fresh, VF and rare assembly
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1101 **   4A var
1919, inverted black surcharge 1r on 4k carmine, NH, VF, Soviet Philatelic guarantee marking, Scott #4b
1102  1F1

Siberia - Priamur Government issues

1921, black surcharge 15k on 20k blue and carmine, very light trace of hinge, VF and extremely rare, only a few such rarities recorded, Pappadopoulos guarantee marking, the stamp is listed, but has no price in Michel Cat.
1922, registered cover from Vladivostok to Bombay, franked on reverse with four Priamur values, including surcharge 20k on 14k, each stamp has perforation clipped off for security purposes, after traveling around the world the cover was forwarded to Shanghai, transits include Harbin, Bombay, New York, London and Shanghai, some soiling, still F/VF and exceptionally rare Civil War cover
1104  1x, y


1922, black handstamped surcharge 7500r on 250r, two copies, printed on ordinary or thin paper, fresh, full OG, LH, VF, C.v. 900
1105  2a


1920, red violet handstamped surcharge 10r on 10k dark blue, block of 4, postally used, fresh, VF, C.v. 300++
1106    4A II

South Russia

1920, money order for 500rub, sent from Novorossiysk to Vologda Govt., franked by ten perforated stamps of surcharge 1r on 3k red, all appropriate markings, archival pin-holes, mostly VF
1107    4B II
1920, parcel card sent from Kuban Govt. to Moscow, franked by thirteen imperforated stamps of surcharge 1r on 3k red, all appropriate markings, VF
1108    3, 4

Transcaucasian Federated Republics

1923, money order for 1,800,000rub, sent from Prishib to Lenkoran, franked by seven "Star" overprinted stamps (2 - on reverse), arrival ds on the back, VF
1109    8
1923, money order for 14,900,000rub, sent from Prishib to Lenkoran, franked with vertical pair of "Star" surcharge on 1r, postmarked on arrival, archival pinholes did not affect the stamps, VF
1110    8, 10
1923, money order for 140,000rub, sent from Prishib to Lenkoran, franked with two stamps, including "Star" overprint over Armenian character on 50k brown violet and green, postmarked on arrival, archival pinholes is mentioned for accuracy only, VF and scarce
1111    22
1923, cover from Tiflis to Rostov-on-Don, franked on reverse with horizontal pair of 700,000r on 40,000r lilac, and Charity stamp "For Invalids" of 10r blue and orange, all cancelled with Tiflis Train Station oval ds, postmarked on arrival, VF and spectacular franking
1112    26, 31
1923-24, cover from Tiflis to Berlin, franked on reverse by four stamps, tied with Tiflis ds, postmarked on arrival, VF
1113  2


1920, black handstamped "pub" on 2k green, postally used, F/VF, expertized by Rosselevitch, C.v. 150