Lots 396 - 407, Catalogue of Auction #28 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
396    17, 22
1919, Kaunas issue, two stamps used on cover from Kaunas to Berlin, boxed German censorship marking, stamp of 20sk is defected, the cover was roughly opened, still F/VF
397 **   17 var
1919, Kaunas the Second issue, 40sk black, imperforated complete sheet of 20 stamps with double impression, sheet margins on the right and at the bottom, different plate varieties, no gum as issued, VF and rare multiple
398  210
1927, Lithuanian Cross, engraved imperforated sunken die proof of 2c in ochre, complete sheet of 16, printed on thin wove paper with thickened borders, no gum as issued, VF and very rare, just a few such proof sheets have been produced
399 **/*   B20 var

Semi - Postal issues

1926, For War Invalids, inverted gold surcharge 5+5c over 10c+10c violet, block of 4, very fresh and nicely centered, two top stamps are VLH, two bottom ones are NH, VF and scarce multiple, each stamp with Lissiuk's guarantee marking, Mi #249Y var
400 **/*   B32a
1926, For War Orphans, inverted gold surcharge 2+2c over 5c+5c pale green, block of 4, perfect centering and very fresh, top left stamp with small natural inclusion, two top stamps are VLH, two bottom ones - NH, VF and scarce multiple, each stamp with Lissiuk's guarantee marking, Mi #259 var
401 **   B47-50
1938, National Scout Jamboree, complete set in left sheet margin blocks of 4, full OG, NH, VF, Mi #421-24, C.v. $236++
402  C38a-39a

Air Post stamps

1926, Swallow, 40c and 60c, two vertical pairs imperf between stamps, fresh, full OG, previously hinged at the top stamps, F/VF, Mi #244-45UMs
403 **/*   C47-54, imp
1932, planes, map, castles and views, perforated and imperforated complete sets of 8, triangle blocks of 4, fresh, full OG, NH or LH, VF, Mi #324-31A,B, ?360++
404  C80 var
1935, Felix Vaitkus diagonal black overprint on 40c deep rose and blue, perfect centering, full OG, previously hinged, VF, expertized by Mikulski and others, Mi #404, ?500
405    C21-26, C29

Lithuanian Pioneer Flights

July 10-11, 1925, Early Flight cover from Kaunas to Liepaja, franked with seven surcharged air post values, "Mit Luftpost" label, all appropriate markings, VF
406    C63-70
May 12-13, 1933, Reopening Air Service, complete set of 8 triangle stamps, used on two flown registered covers delivered on line "Klaipeda - Koenigsberg", boxed "Mit Luftpost Befoerdert. Koenigsberg (Pr.) 1", arrival ds, VF

Lithuanian Zeppelin Flight

May 2-5, 1932, Zeppelin Fourth South America Flight cover to Recife, franked with four stamps, Berlin connection and red flight cachet, Recife "5.V.32" arrival marking, VF, and scarce, Lithuanian Zeppelin correspondence bearing Berlin connection is not priced either in Sieger or Michel Cat. Sieger #157B