Lots 427 - 432, Catalogue of Auction #29 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
427  3

Russian Imperial stamps used in Poland

1858, 20k blue and orange, printed on thick paper, cancelled with "70" inside concentric circles (Sokolow), intact perforation and nice embossing, VF and rare, Mi #3x, ?2,000
428    23
1869, entire wrapper from Warsaw to Sokolow, franked by 10k brown and blue, printed on horizontally laid paper, tied with "1" inside concentric square cancellation, Warsaw ds is on reverse, minor tear due to wax seal on the back, VF
429    23
1872, 10k brown and blue, printed on horizontally laid paper, used on entire wrapper from Warsaw to Nuernberg, tied with "P.D." inside concentric circles (Warsaw Train Station), black "Franco", red Aus Russland and arrival ds, VF
430    55
1908, pre-printed direct mailing piece, sent from Bialystok to Leipzig, franked with a pair of 1k orange, containing various advertisements inside and on reverse, VF
431 **   C26Cd

Air Post stamps

1948, Roosevelt, Pulaski, Kosciusko, souvenir sheet of 3, post office fresh, NH, VF, Mi Bl #11, ?400

Polish Corps in Great Britain

1946, Great Britain postal stationery registered envelope 3p green, uprated with GB 10p blue (#247), tied with "Poszta Polowa. 114", sent to Gedera (Palestine) via Italy, all appropriate markings, VF