Lots 1 - 5, Catalogue of Auction #30 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1  4
1841, Queen Victoria, 2p blue, printed on bluish paper, nice margins at three sides and close margin at the top, fresh, large part of OG, fine and scarce, C.v. $2,750, SG #14, ?2,500
2    45a
1866, entire wrapper from Liverpool to Prague, franked by 6p deep lilac (plate #5), nicely cancelled, two-line marking "insufficiently stamped" is alongside, London transit and Prague arrival ds on the back, VF, C.v. $200++
3    33, 59b
1873, folded letter from London to Genoa, franked by two 1p (plate #153) and 6p buff (plate #11), nice strike of London ds, postmarked on arrival, two usual folds away from the stamps, VF, SG #44, 123, C.v. $230++
4    60
1874, entire wrapper from Cardiff to Palermo, franked by 6p gray (plate #12), nicely cancelled, arrival ds, VF, SG #125, C.v. $300

British Expeditionary Forces in North Russia - Nice Collection

(a part of Major Walter H. Wilkin's family correspondence)

1919, nine free-frank covers with enclosures posted in the mail at Army PO PB1(Murmansk), PB2 (Arkhangelsk), PB 13 (Troitsa), PB 55 (Bereznik), all are addressed to Cornwall, endorsed at the top "On Active Service", various censorship markings, small conveyance flaws are possible, still VF and rarely offered material
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