Lots 851 - 863, Catalogue of Auction #30 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
851  56 var

Catalogued by Michel Sowjetunion - Spezial Katalog 2006

Far Eastern Republic - Air Post stamps

1923, inverted red surcharge 20k on 50k violet brown and green, fresh, very light trace of hinge, VF and rare, expertized by Rosselevitch, Lissiuk guarantee marking
852 **/*   3 IA var


1920, overprint "RUB" on 3k red, bottom margin gutter block of 12 (4x3), two stamps in the third vertical row have placed horizontally overprint, in addition top stamp has double overprint, NH or LH (3), VF and truly exhibition piece, each stamp with Romeko guarantee markings
853 **/*   4 IA var
1920, overprint "RUB" on 5k claret, bottom sheet margin vertical strip of 3, stamps is in the middle with double overprint, full OG, top stamp is LH, two bottom ones are NH, VF, expertized by Ceresa
854 **   18 var
1920, overprint "RUB" over Kiev trident (type I, multiple handstamp) on 1k orange, three side margin imperforated block of 10 (5x2), slight gum wrinkle at the top right corner, very fresh, full OG, NH, VF, each stamp with Bulat's expertizing mark, C.v. ?300++
855  1b


1921, complete violet seal over 2k green, gutter block of four, neat Minsk ds, slight gum toning, otherwise full OG, NH, F/VF, C.v. ?200++
Siberia 1918-19, lot of nine unused black-and-white PPC, showing Allied Powers and Armies of Japan and China arriving at Vladivostok, printed in Japan, fresh, VF and rare assembly
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857 **   4A var

Siberia - Kolchak Army issues

1919, inverted surcharge 1r on 4k carmine, NH, F/VF, Romeko guarantee marking, Scott #4b
858  1F1

Siberia - Priamur Government issues

1921, black surcharge 15k on 20k blue and carmine, very light trace of hinge, VF and extremely rare, only a few such rarities recorded, Pappadopoulos guarantee marking, the stamp is listed, but has no price in Michel Cat.
859 **   2B var

South Russia - Yekaterinodar issue

1918, inverted surcharge "-50" on 2k green, imperforated complete pane of 25 stamps, top left part of a sheet, in addition surcharge is strongly shifted to the top left, forming eight pairs with and without surcharges, very fresh, full OG, NH, VF and with high possibility unique pane of these errors, Scott #36a var
860    4B II
1920, parcel card sent from Kuban Govt. to Moscow, franked by thirteen imperforated stamps of surcharge 1r on 3k red, all appropriate markings, VF
861  4A var

South Russia - Crimea issue

1920, inverted surcharge 100r on 1k orange, horizontal pair showing different types of surcharges (positions 6-7 of not inverted sheet), full OG, VLH, VF, Scott #58b
862 **   4A var
1920, double surcharge 100r on 1k orange, short "1" in "100" variety (position 1), full OG, NH, F/VF, Romeko guarantee marking, Scott #58c
863 (*)   7B var

South Russia - Denikin issue

1919, 2r gray violet and orange, imperforated block of 4, in addition gray violet design is printed on reverse, slight horizontal crease, nevertheless very fresh, unused, no gum, VF, Scott #67 var