Lots 393 - 401, Catalogue of Auction #31 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
393 **   1-2
1918, the First Vilnius printing, 10s and 15s, thin figures, complete set of 2, perforated at four sides, no gum as issued, VF, light owner's handstamp on reverse, C.v. $200
394 **   20-26
1919, the Third Kaunas issue, complete set of 6, sheet margin blocks of nine, representing different typesetting varieties, one stamp of 40sk has tiny tear, several blocks with perf separations, nevertheless very fresh, no gum as issued, VF and very scarce multiples
395 **   57 var
1919, Vytis issue, 75sk, imperforated right sheet margin imprint block of 6 (3x2), printed on white thin gummed paper, centers are completely omitted, NH, VF
396  92-92D
1920, National Assembly, special printing in changed colors, complete set of 5, full OG, light trace of hinge marks, VF, Mi #78 I/83 I, ?800
397  285
1934, President A. Smetona, Bradbury Wilkinson & Co. three imperforated plate proofs of 60c, colors: red lilac, gray blue and light blue, affixed over heavy duty cardboard, approval notice in Lithuanian, fresh, VF and very rare
398 **   B52-54 imp

Semi - Postal issues

1939, European Basketball Championships, imperforated complete set of 3, all are sheet margin copies, fresh, full OG, NH, VF, Mi #429-31U, ?300
399    C63/70, imp

Pioneer Flights

1933, Reopening Air Service, two registered covers delivered with two different flights on line "Klaipeda - Koenigsberg", each is franked by four perforated or four imperforated stamps from the issue corresponding to this flight, boxed "Mit Luftpost Befordert. Koenigsberg (Pr.) 1" and arrival markings, VF

Lithuanian Zeppelin Flights

April 18-20, 1932, Zeppelin Third South America Flight stationery postcard 36c red to Brazil, uprated by four stamps, red Berlin connection, brown flight cachet, Recife "20.IV.32"arrival and all appropriate markings, VF, Sieger #150B
May 2-5, 1932, Zeppelin Fourth South America Flight postcard to Brazil, franked by five stamps, red Berlin connection, red flight cachet, Recife "5.V.32"arrival and all appropriate markings, VF, Sieger #157B