Lots 726 - 727, Catalogue of Auction #31 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
726    2
1858, Imperial 10k brown and blue, perforation 14 1/2, used on entire wrapper from Wenden to Riga, tied by oval "Wenden Otpravleno" (Wenden Sent) with manuscript date "18/6", another type of Wenden pre-philatelic two-line marking and boxed Riga receiver on reverse, slight traces of previous mounts on the back, still fresh, VF and rare
727    L4
1870, 2k brick red and yellow green, issued in 1868, used together with four Imperial stamps on cover from Wenden to Pernau (now Parnu - Estonia), pen cross cancelled and tied by Wenden ds, postmarked on arrival, roughly opened, otherwise VF and very rare early mixed franking
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