Lots 279 - 303, Catalogue of Auction #37 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
279 **   1yU-3yU

Catalogued by Michel Deutschland - Spezial 2008

Estland (Estonia)

1941, Swastika and Coat of Arms, imperforated complete set of three, minor usual gum wrinkles, full OG, NH, VF, expertized Keiler, Mi C.v. ?360
280 **   1-10

Litauen (Lithuania)

1941, overprint "Vilnius" on Soviet Union stamps, complete set of ten, nice condition, full OG, NH, mostly VF, expertized by Dr. Dub and Keiler, BPP, Mi C.v. ?1,700
281 **   8K

Raseiniai (Rossingen)

1941, inverted black horizontal overprint "Raseiniai. 1941.VI.23" on 80k carmine and red, full OG, NH and fine copy, very scarce, Krischke certificate, Mi C.v. ?4,500
282 **   9K
1941, inverted black horizontal overprint "Raseiniai. 1941.VI.23" on 80k violet, full OG, NH, VF, Krischke certificate, Mi C.v. ?900
283 **   10 IIIK

Telschen (Telsiai)

1941, downwards (inverted) overprint type III "Laisvi Telsiai 1941.VI.26" of the second printing on 1r black and red, fresh, full OG, NH, VF and scarce, Krischke certificate, Mi C.v. ?1,000
284 **   2b var

Zargrad (Zarasai)

1941, red overprint (type II) on 10k dark gray blue, lines of overprint in positions 3-1-2 (Zarasai at the top) due to strong shift of overprint, which in addition has missing "v", and with "l" instead of "t" in"Lietuva" variety (position 7), NH, VF and very rare, only nine copies of this double error possible, Krischke certificate, Mi C.v. ?3,000++
285    P7 fn

Pleskau (Pskov)

1941, postal stationery reply card 10k+10k blue, both parts with black boxed surcharge "Pleskau 20k", fresh, unused, VF and rare, this card is listed, but not priced in Michel Cat., expertized by Keiler, BPP
286    11
1942, two bilingual summons of Occupation Department of Labor (one is registered), franked by 20k red or 60k green respectively, all appropriate markings, VF
287 **   15B DD
1942, Pskov Cathedral, 60k red, three side margin imperforated block of four (right part of a sheet) with double impression, full OG, NH, VF and scarce multiple, Mi ?1,120++
288 **   16B, I
1942, Madonna and Child, 60k+40k dark brown, imperforated three side margin block of 4 (right part of a sheet), bottom right stamp with "x" instead of "k" (position 10) variety, full OG, NH, VF, Mi C.v. ?560++
289 **   Block 2 I
1942, Madonna with a Child, 60+40k brown, imperforated souvenir sheet of four stamps, double impression of Cross in brown and red colors, appropriate size, usual 15mm stripe of gum skip at the bottom, full OG, NH, VF and rare, only 100 copies were produced, Rommerskirchen certificate, Mi C.v. ?6,000
290    10y-11y, 17
1942, Coat of Arms, Castle and Madonna and Child, three stamps used on registered cover, including imperforated stamp from a souvenir sheet, sent locally in Pskov, all appropriate markings, VF, Mi C.v. ?414++
291    16A
1942, mixed franking PPC ("Fish Market" Nr.7) from Pskov to Stuttgart, bearing Occupation stamp 60k+40k dark brown and Hitler's head 60pf brown overprinted "Ostland", arrival ds, VF, philatelic but attractive mailing, expertized by Rommerskirchen, BPP
292 **   6 II


1942, black handstamp 1.50r on 20k green, swastika 6mm, bottom left corner margin copy, full OG, NH, VF, expertized by Keiler and Krischke, Pickenpack certificate, Mi C.v. ?1,700
293 **   7 III
1942, black handstamp 1.50r on 30k blue, swastika 4mm, full OG, NH, VF, expertized by Pickenpack, Mi C.v. ?200
294 **   11 III
1942, black handstamp 1.50r on 60k carmine, swastika 4mm, full OG, NH, F/VF, expertized by Keiler, Mi C.v. ?220
295  12Y
1942, black handstamp 3r on 1r dark blue, basic stamp printed on watermarked "borders and rosettes" paper, bottom sheet margin copy, fresh, full OG, light hinge mark, VF and rare, expertized by Pickenpack, Krischke certificate, Mi C.v. ?2,400 for **
296 **   5B


1941, red overprint "GK. - Ssarny" on 1.50Krb black on brownish yellow horizontally laid paper, vertical imperforated pair, no gum as issued, NH, VF, expertizing mark on each stamp, Mi C.v. ?260
297 **   1U

Sudukraine (South Ukraine)

1944, 18(pf) red, left sheet margin imperforated copy, extremely fresh and nice stamp, no gum as issued, VF and very rare, only one imperforated sheet of 42 stamps has been issued, expertized by E. Keiler, BPP, Mi C.v. ?2,400
298 **   

Belgien (Belgium)
Flemish Legion

1942, Gent issue, perforated and imperforated complete sets of four miniature sheets, full OG, NH, VF, Mi C.v. ?800
299  VIIa

Nationales Indien - Azad Hind

1943, imperforated proof of 1R+2R in black, printed on thick card (an old poster), block of four, no gum as produced, VF and rare multiple, expertized Zierer, BPP, Mi C.v. ?2,000+++
300 **   III

Feldpostmarken - Insel Rhodos (Rhodes Islands)

1944, black overprint (type III) "Weihnachten. 1944" over 5c dark carmine red, tiny spot of skipped gum at the bottom left is mentioned for accuracy only, full OG, NH, VF, expertized by Pickenpack, Rungas and A. Diena, Sassone #10, ?500
301  15-16, 17

American Propaganda Forgeries against Germany

1944-45, Operation "Cornflakes", 6pf violet and 12pf carmine, complete set of two, in addition Hitler's Skull 12pf carmine, inscribed at the bottom with "FutschesReich", first ones are top sheet margin copies, full OG, NH, F/VF, Mi C.v. ?160
302  27

British Propaganda Forgeries against Germany

1942, Luftfeldpost, blue, no value indicated, bottom left corner margin block of four, full OG, NH, VF, each stamp expertized by J. Hosang, Mi C.v. ?300++
303  29
1944, Witzleben, 24+26pf red brown, full OG, LH, VF and scarce, Mi C.v. ?350 for **