Lots 323 - 332, Catalogue of Auction #38 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
323  35 var
1908-09, King Victor Emmanuel III, shifted horizontally black overprint "Colonia Eritrea" on 5c green, horizontal pair, full OG, previously hinged, fine, Sassone #31c, 240++
324 **   52 var
1916, Government Building, double black surcharge (one inverted) 20c on 15c slate, full OG, NH, F/VF, expertized by Bolaffi and A. Diena, Sassone #46b, 800
325  52 var
1916, black surcharge 20c on 15c slate, horizontal pair, imperforated vertically between stamps and on the sides, full OG, previously hinged, fine and scarce, Sassone #46i-k, 660
326  58 var
1922, Elephant, black surcharge 2c on 1b brown, horizontal pair, right stamp has missing "c" in surcharge, slight crease and partly missing gum on error stamp, large part of OG, previously hinged, VF appearance
327 **   61 var
1922, Lion, black surcharge 15c on 2a brown and orange, left sheet margin vertical pair, word "Eritrea" and bars are strongly shifted to the left, full OG, NH, VF, Sassone #54g, 875++
328 **   88a
1924, Coat of Arms, inverted black overprint "Eritrea" on 1c brown, full OG, NH and fine copy, Sassone #77a, 875, Scott C.v. $275 as hinged
329 **   103a
1927, Volta issue, double black overprint "Eritrea" on 50c deep orange, full OG, NH and fine copy, Sassone #121b, 550, Scott C.v. $175 as hinged
330 **   103 var
1927, Volta issue, black overprint "Eritrea" on 50 c deep orange, right sheet margin copy, imperforated on the right between stamp and margin and on the left, full OG, NH, VF, Sassone #121g, 312.50
331  J1bc

Postage Due stamps

1920-22, inverted black overprint "Colonia Eritrea" on 5c orange and carmine, in addition basic stamp has inverted numeral, full OG, LH, VF, Sassone #14a, 650, Scott C.v. $525
332 **   J27a
1934, inverted black overprint "Eritrea" on 20L carmine rose, fresh, full OG, NH, fine copy, Sassone #38a, 1,625, Scott C.v. $800