Lots 1 - 6, Catalogue of Auction #39 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1 **   325
1904, Louisiana Purchase Exposition issue, James Monroe, 3c violet, block of four, full OG, NH, F/VF, C.v. $900++

Pioneer Flight covers

March 9-24, 1928, US Army Inspection Flight cover from Washington, DC to Canal Zone via Brownsville, TX, franked by Washington 2c carmine, black confirmation cachet and all appropriate markings, VF
June 23-July 1, 1931, the "Winnie Mae" Round the World Flight cover by pilot Wiley Post and navigator Harold Gatty, franked by Washington 2c carmine, all appropriate markings, including Soviet Union "Dobroliot" cachet, arrival ds, VF

Zeppelin Flights

April 21-22, 1925, Airship "Los Angeles" (Z.R.-3) Bermuda Flight, two covers, first one was delivered by direct flight to Hamilton, the other one - with return flight to Lakehurst, all appropriate markings, VF, Sieger #20N, 20P, ?185
5    C12
November 11, 1930, Netherlands Zeppelin Flight mixed franking cover, franked by air post stamp 5c violet, upon arrival to Germany uprated with horizontal pair of 1m black and salmon, cancelled on board, two flight cachet, NYC "Nov.18.1930" receiver, VF and very rare, the USA dispatch for this Zeppelin Flight is not recorded either in Sieger or Michel Cat.
6 **   K9

United States Postal Agency in China

1919, surcharge 18c on 9c salmon red, top plate #6918 block of six, full OG, NH, fine, PSE certificate, C.v. $1,200