Lots 1492 - 1494, Catalogue of Auction #40 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1492    3, 4
1923, money order for 1,800,000rub, sent from Prishib to Lenkoran, franked by seven "Star" overprinted stamps (2 - on reverse), arrival ds on the back, VF
1493    8, 10
1923, money order for 140,000rub, sent from Prishib to Lenkoran, franked by two stamps, including "Star" overprint over Armenian character on 50k brown violet and green, postmarked on arrival, usual archival pinholes, VF
1494    27, 30
1923, money order for 40,000,000rub, sent from Shakhtakhty (Nakhichevan oblast - then Armenia) to Yerevan, franked by three stamps, all appropriate markings, usual archival holes, VF and scarce