Lots 1236 - 1243, Catalogue of Auction #43 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1236    C13, C17, C26-27
April 23-24, 1929, Zeppelin Mediterranean Sea Flight postcard to Vienna, franked by four air post stamps, Friedrichshafen dispatch, red confirmation cachet, Seville "24.ABR.29" machine drop marking on reverse, VF, Sieger #24A var, Mi #20 II, ?350
1237    C23, C25, C29
May 16-17, 1929, Zeppelin 1st America Flight stationery postcard 10g brown, addressed to New York, uprated by two air post adhesives, including 3s red brown, Friedrichshafen dispatch, blue confirmation cachet, red Flight delay marking, NYC "Aug.5.1930" arrival date stamp, VF, Sieger #26A
1238    C13/31
May 18-31, 1930, Zeppelin First Europe - Pan America Flight cover to USA, franked by four stamps, including "Pilot and Crane" stamps of 3s and 10s, red flight cachet and Lakehurst "May.31.1930" arrival ds, VF, Sieger #57F var
1239    C17/29
September 23-24, 1930, Zeppelin Baltic Sea Flight cover and two postcards, each item franked by "Pilot and Crane" stamps and bearing green confirmation cachet, dropped markings of Riga, Helsinki and Stockholm respectively, VF, Sieger #88A, C, D, Mi #128 I, II, III, ?650++
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1240    C18, C29
July 12, 1931, Zeppelin Austria Flight cover to Vienna, franked by three stamps, including "Pilot and Crane" stamp of 3s red brown, Friedrichshafen dispatch, blue flight cachet and arrival ds, VF, Sieger #116A, ?225++
1241    C17/28
August 29 - September 4, 1931, Zeppelin 1st South America Flight cover and postcard to USA, each item franked by four stamps, cover has Berlin connection, while the card with Friedrichshafen dispatch date stamp, both with green flight cachet and Rio de Janeiro arrival ds, VF, Sieger #154Ca, Dc
1242    C20-21, C27-28
August 29 - September 3, 1932, Zeppelin 5th South America Flight registered cover to Argentina, franked by four stamps, Friedrichshafen dispatch, violet flight cachet, postmarked on arrival, mostly VF, Sieger #171A, ?250
1243    C28
October 9-13, 1932, Zeppelin 8th South America Flight registered cover to Paraguay, franked by horizontal pair of 2s dark green, Friedrichshafen dispatch, red flight cachet, postmarked on arrival, VF, Sieger #189A, ?365