Lots 2132 - 2139, Catalogue of Auction #43 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
2132    41

Chita issue

1922, registered cover from Vladivostok to NYC, franked on reverse by 10k blue in two horizontal pairs, postmarked on arrival, VF
2133    54
1923, registered cover from Vladivostok to Berlin, franked by five stamps (block of four and a single) of 10k blue and red on reverse, arrival ds and all appropriate markings, VF
2134    56, 69
1923, registered pre-printed cover from Vladivostok to Italy, franked by three stamps - Vladivostok surcharge 10r on 50r brown (2) and Chita issue 20k blue and red, several transits and arrival ds, minor conveyance flaws, still F/VF
2135  62a, 64b, 65a

Vladivostok issue

1922, three stamps, inverted red overprint on 2k and 10k, double red overprint on 5k, full OG, previously hinged, F/VF, Pappadopoulos guarantee markings, C.v. $700
2136    66-69
1923, registered cover from Vladivostok to Vienna via Harbin and Moscow, franked by a complete surcharged set of Vladivostok issue together with Chita 3k red, light vertical fold away from the stamps, VF
2137  N3a

General Semenov issue

1920, double black surcharge 5r on 5k claret, full OG, VLH, VF, expertized by Dr. Ceresa
2138 Mi 52A

Far Eastern Republic - Air Post stamps

1923, airplane surcharge 20k on 15k brown lilac and blue, full OG, LH, F/VF, expertized by Dr. Jemtschoujin, Stolow, Kosack, Soviet Philatelic guarantees, Mi C.v. ?1,000
2139 Mi 56A
1923, airplane surcharge 20k on 50k brown lilac and green, full OG, previously hinged, VF, expertized by Bloch, several other signatures on reverse, Mi C.v. ?1,200