Lots 2140 - 2154, Catalogue of Auction #43 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
2140 **/*   1a-6b

Kolchak issue

1919, inverted surcharges, 35/2k-5r/15k, complete set of six, full OG, NH or LH (1), expertized several times, including Romeko, some with Soviet Philatelic guarantees, C.v. $600 as hinged
2141 **/*   1b
1919, black surcharge 35(k) on 2k green, bottom sheet margin block of eight (4x2), second stamp at the bottom row with "3" instead of "35" in surcharge variety (position 22), full OG, NH (error stamp) or LH, VF, expertized Mikulski
2142    8
1919, black surcharge 50(k) on 3k red, imperforated copy, used together with Imperial 20k blue and carmine on cover from Omsk to USA, censored at Omsk, F/VF
2143 */U   54-57

Priamur Government issues

1921, black surcharges 15k on 15k-70k, set of four stamps, full OG, NH/LH or used (1), F/VF, expertized by Mikulski, Bloch and Pohl, C.v. $540
2144  55
1921, black surcharge 15(k) on 35k brown lilac and green, block of four with proper cancellation, VF, expertized Bloch, C.v. $400++
2145  60
1921, black overprint over 20k on 14k blue and carmine, full OG, VLH, VF, C.v. $200
2146  65-67, 69
1921, black surcharges 10/1k, 10/2k, 10/3k and 15/1r, four imperforated stamps, neatly cancelled (two on individual pieces), fresh, VF, expertized by Mikulski and Pappadopoulos, C.v. $450
2147  66
1921, black surcharge 10k on 2k green, imperforated block of four with proper cancellation, VF, expertized by Bloch, C.v. $400++
2148 Mi 1B
1921, black overprint on 20k blue and red, imperforated copy, cancelled to order, tiny toned spot on gum, VF and scarce, Mi C.v. ?1,500
2149 Mi 1F1
1921, black surcharge 15(k) on 20k blue and carmine, very light trace of hinge, VF and extremely rare, only a few stamps recorded, Pappadopoulos guarantee marking, the stamp is listed, but has no price in Michel Cat.
2150 Mi 1F2
1921, black surcharge (with truncated bottom) 15(k) on 20k blue and carmine, full OG, LH, VF and rare, expertized several times, Mi C.v. ?2,500
2151    88, 93, 95, 100
1922, registered cover from Vladivostok to Bombay, franked on reverse with four Priamur values, including surcharge 20k on 14k, each stamp has perforation clipped off for security purposes, forwarded to Shanghai, transits include Harbin, Bombay, New York and London, some soiling, still F/VF and exceptionally rare Civil War cover
2152 **   97a
1922, inverted blue overprint on 35k red brown and green, bottom sheet margin copy, full OG, NH, F/VF, expertized by Bloch, C.v. $200 as hinged
2153  110-15
1922, blue or red overprint on stamps of Chita issue, complete set of six in horizontal pairs, full OG, LH or previously hinged, VF, C.v. $176++
2154 */U   

Provisional Pribaikal'e issue

1920, six stamps, including two imperforated values, each with shield overprint in blue or red, full OG, unused or used (3), VF