Lots 2460 - 2467, Catalogue of Auction #43 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
2460    48

Ukrainian Trident Overprints on Imperial Stamps

Catalogued by Comprehensive Catalogue of Ukrainian Philately by John Bulat, issued in the USA in 2003


1918, money order for 705rub, from Lipovets to Nemirov, franked by two stamps, including violet trident (type 1) overprint on 7r rose and green, appropriate markings, usual archival holes, VF
2461  257-58
1918, violet trident (type 2a) overprint on 3.50r and 7r, printed on vertically laid paper, used on individual pieces, VF, ex-Vyrovyj, C.v. $135
2462    362, 375
1921, money order for 600r from Turbov to Berdichev, franked by five stamps with violet trident (type 2d) overprint, arrival ds and all appropriate markings, usual holes on the left, VF
2463    670, 839

Katerinoslav and Kharkiv

1918, perforated and imperforated horizontal gutter pairs with Katerinoslav and Kharkov trident overprints respectively, used on local registered cover in Yenakievo (Katerinoslav Gub.),backstamped, VF and interesting philatelic item, expertized by Kobylanski
2464  683


1918, Romanov Dynasty stationery card with black boxed trident surcharge 10k on 4k red to Constantinople, uprated by two Dzenis reprints and five Gueron forgeries, postmarked on arrival, vertical fold, still F/VF, scarce and unusual mailing
2465  1402, 1487


1918, trident (mixed types) overprint on 1r brown and orange, horizontal strip of three, used on a part of money order together with six other high values (four on reverse) bearing tridents of Kharkiv, Odessa and Poltava, cancellation punches did not affect 1r strip, VF and outstanding four-Gubernia franking, ex-Vyrovyj
1920, money order for 800r from Novaya Ushitsa to Zamikhov, franked by 12 stamps (seven on reverse), including vertical pair of 70k bearing trident (type 6a) overprint, which is not listed either in Bulat or other Catalogues, all appropriate markings, minor soiling, F/VF, ex-Vyrovyj
2467  1976
1918, trident (type 13aa) overprint on 50k brown lilac and green, bottom sheet margin imperforated copy, postal cancellation, VF, C.v. $130