Lots 1331 - 1338, Catalogue of Auction #45 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1331  5
1899, red diagonal overprint "Kitai" on 7k blue, printed on horizontally laid paper, three side margin imperforated horizontal strip of five with perfin "Obrazets", full OG, NH, VF and scarce, since this stamp has never been issued imperforated
1332  33 var
1910, black overprint "Kitai" on 10k light blue instead of dark blue (Sc. #79a), full OG, VLH, VF and scarce unrecorded variety (listed in Chuchin with no price indicated)
1333  35
1910-16, blue overprint "Kitai" on 14k blue and rose, fresh, full OG, VLH, VF and very rare, the stamp is listed, but not priced in Scott Cat., it was not offered on any Auction Sales for decades
1334  72-80
1920, Harbin surcharges, complete set of nine, full OG, LH or hinged, F/VF, C.v. $637.50
1335  73 var
1920, blue instead of red surcharge 2c on 2k green, appropriate cancellation, VF
1336 **   73-74, 79 var
1920, Harbin surcharges, two horizontal pairs and imperforated single, one stamp of each pair and a single have Italic "C" in "Cents" variety, full OG, NH, VF
1337  75a
1920, inverted black surcharge 4c on 4k carmine, full OG, previously hinged, VF, C.v. $130
1338 */U   


1899-1920, 154 mint or used stamps on Album pages, high degree of completion with missing just eight most expensive stamps, minor flaws could be expected, still full/part OG or used, F/VF, C.v. $900
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