Lots 341 - 346, Catalogue of Auction #48 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
341 **/U   12/17 imp
1919, St. George, five imperforated values in error blocks of four or ten, shifted or inverted center, design placed sideways and etc., identified by plate position, no gum as issued, NH or CTO, VF
342  12-17
1919, St. George, set of seven imperforated proofs in various colors, including unissued denominations, printed on yellowish paper without gum, some with sheet margins, no gum as issued, VF
343  13 var
1921, inverted black diagonal overprint "De Jure" on 40k orange, imperforated copy, fresh, full OG, previously hinged, VF, Mi #11 var
344 **   39a var
1923, black handstamped surcharge 40,000r on 5000r green, block of four, top left stamp with double surcharge, bottom ones with completely missing surcharge, slightly creased gum as often, fresh, full OG,NH, VF and a spectacular piece, State Collection guarantee on reverse
345  50a
1923, large size black handstamped surcharge 15,000r over Armenian 5r on 15k red brown and blue, postally used vertical pair, fresh, F/VF and an undoubted rarity, the stamp is listed, but not priced in Scott Cat.
346  B1-4

Semi - Postal issues

1922, Coat of Arms, 25r-250r, complete set of four imperforated plate proofs in black, no gum as produced, VF