Lots 631 - 633, Catalogue of Auction #48 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
631    58
1907, cover franked by a pair of 5k claret, tied by black oval "Parokhod Obsch. R.V.A.P." ds, addressed to New York, delivered by a steamship of the R.V.A.P. Co. to Japan, boxed "Paquebot" marking, Tsuruga transit on reverse, mostly VF
632   Mi P14
1909, stationery postcard 4k red, written in Japanese, delivered with packet-boat, upon arrival to Tsuruga tied by date stamp (Tchilinghirian fig 697) and boxed "Paquebot" marking, forwarded to Osaka, F/VF
633    75
1910, PPC from Chernyayevo (Amur Gub.) to Blagoveschensk, franked by 3k red, delivered with a steamship on-line "Blagoveschensk - Sretensk", all appropriate markings, slightly rounded corners, mostly VF