Lots 1961 - 1963, Catalogue of Auction #51 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1961  291, var

Wrangel Army issues

1921, blue surcharge 10,000r over 10pi on 1r brown, light brown and orange, two horizontal pairs with correct and inverted surcharge respectively, left stamp of each pair without surcharge, full OG, LH,F/VF, last one expertized by Romeko
1962  236/375

Nice Collection

1921, 129 mint stamps neatly arranged on stockpages, including 17 inverted surcharges and five different surcharge errors, fresh, condition, full OG, some NH, but mainly LH or previously hinged, F/VF, C.v. over$800
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1963  320-38, var

Surcharges over Ukrainian Tridents

Collective Lot

1921, 51 mint stamps on a stockpage, representing various trident types of Katerinoslav, Kharkiv and Odesa, including eight inverted surcharges, fresh condition, full OG, NH or LH/hinged, F/VF or better, SG C.v. ?560++