Lots 394 - 407, Catalogue of Auction #52 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
394  50

Catalogued by Michel Deutschland-Spezial 2011)

Sudetenland - Reichenberg-Maffersdorf

1938, violet overprint on newspaper stamp 50h orange, tied on a piece with Reichenberg cancel, fresh, VF and rare, expertized by Hubner and Mahr, Mi C.v. 3,500
395  3 var

Estland (Estonia) - Elwa

1941, black handstamped overprint "Eesti Post" on 3k light blue, imperforated block of four, two top stamps without overprint, cancelled at the bottom with "Elva. Eesti" ds, VF and rare, expertized by Nemvalz, Mi C.v. 3,600++
396  3 var
1941, inverted black handstamped overprint "Eesti Post" on 3k light blue, imperforated horizontal pair, left stamp without overprint, neat "Elva. Eesti" cancellation, VF and rare, expertized by Nemvalz, Mi C.v. 3,000
397  33
1941, black handstamped overprint "Eesti Post" on Tadzhik Pavilion of 30k multicolored, postal "Elva. Eesti" cancellation, slight picture scuff at the top left corner, otherwise VF and an undoubted rarity, expertized by Nemvalz, Mi C.v. 4,000
398    3 I

Duenkirchen (Dunkerque)

1940, Peace issue, 50c red, vertical pair with type I "Besetztes Gebiet Nordfrankreich" cancellation, used on cover from Dunkerque to Arneke, postmarked on arrival, minor scotch tape soiling, F/VF, Mi C.v. 500
399 **   3 II, III, IV

Makedonien (Macedonia)

1944, red surcharge 6Lv on 10st dark blue, block of four, top left stamp has surcharge with broken "1" in 1944" (type III), bottom right has broken first "4" in "1944" (type IV), two others are type II, full OG, NH, VF, Mi C.v. 420++
400  12ax

Russland (Russia) - Pleskau (Pskov)

1941, Madonna holding Child, 60+40k reddish brown, bottom right corner sheet margin block of four, lower right stamp has "x" instead of "k" in "Pskov" variety, CTO with full OG, Mi C.v. 360++
401    10-11, 14-17
1942, Arms, Castle and Madonna, all district issued stamps on two local registered covers, appropriate markings, VF, Mi C.v. 620
402 **/*   


1941, Provisional issue, Map of Vladimir - Volynsk District and Castles, five imperforated stamps printed on grayish or rose paper, no gum as produced, VF, expertized by W. Zirath, Mi C.v. 1,000
403  4 III


1942, black handstamp 1.50r on 10k dark blue, swastika 4mm, nicely cancelled on a small piece, F/VF, expertized by W. Zirath, Mi C.v. 2,400
404 **   

German Propaganda issue

1944, Goering, 54+96(pf) violet on rose lilac network, imperforated souvenir sheet of four, full OG, NH, VF, reportedly this issue has private origin
405 **   IV-V

French Legion

1942, Air Mail Vignettes, overprinted "Front De L'Est. Ostfront", complete set in top sheet margin blocks of four, bottom right stamp of #V with short "N" in "AVION" variety (position 10), full OG, NH, VF, Mi C.v. 275++
406    3 II

St. Nazaire

1945, registered cover from La Turballe to La Baule-sur-Mer, franked by "Taxe Percue" perforated label of 4.50f black on rose paper, postmarked on arrival, VF, Mi C.v. 300
1945, registered stationery envelope "Taxe Percue" 4.50f orange brown, sent from Guerande to La Baule-sur-Mer, uprated by Mercury 50c greenish blue, backstamped, VF