Lots 486 - 489, Catalogue of Auction #53 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
486 **   95-99 var
1921, blue or black surcharges on Latgale issue, complete set of five, each stamp with upside down design on reverse, full OG, NH, VF, expertized by Dr. Oertel
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Zeppelin Flight

May 2-5, 1932, Zeppelin 4th South America Flight cover to Brazil, franked by five adhesives, including three air post stamps, German Zeppelin label, Berlin connection, orange flight cachet, Recife"5.V.32" arrival ds, VF, Mi #241
488 SB   200a/05a

Stamp Booklets

1938, President Ulmanis and Scenes, 2.02L complete unexploded booklet, contains six panes of two or four stamps, separated by interleaves, black lettering on yellow cover, fresh, VF
489 SB   
1948, 75th Anniversary of Latvian Song Festival, incomplete booklet, black lettering in Latvian on buff paper, text repeated in Russian inside front cover, contains six pages of bilingual advertisements and Soviet Union stamps: two 10k (#1215), two 15k (#735), three 20k (#1217) and two 30k (#1222), rust spot from an old staple, generally nice condition, VF and extremely rare, just two such booklets known in private hands. A copy of von Hofmann article in Philatelia Baltica No.71-73 (1981) is enclosed
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