Lots 440 - 454, Catalogue of Auction #55 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
440  250
1938, Cathedral at Kosice, die proof of unaccepted design in red, no value indicated, printed on thin card, no gum as produced, VF, Pofis #345 fn, CZK2,000=US$105
441  584
1953, Death of President K. Gottwald, imperforated proof of 1.50k in black, unaccepted design, printed on thick glazed paper, bottom right corner margin copy, no gum as issued, VF, expertized by F. Benes
442  B21

Semi - Postal issues

1919, overprint "Posta Ceskoslovenska 1919" on Austrian 10k violet, basic stamp is type I, full OG, LH, F/VF, expertized by Mrnak and Tribuna, Sismondo certificate, Pofis #51, CZK5,000
443 **   B23 var
1919, inverted black overprint "Posta Ceskoslovenska" on 3k carmine rose, type II, printed on granite paper, full OG, NH, VF, expertized by Mahr, Gilbert and others
444 **   B37-39
1919, black surcharges or overprint on Austrian air post stamps, complete set of three, nicely centered and post office fresh, full OG, NH, VF, expertized by J. Mrnak and others, Pofis #52-54, CZK28,000=US$1,475
445  B54
1919, black overprint "Posta Ceskoslovenska" on Austrian Postage Due 50h rose red, full OG, LH, VF, expertized by Leseticky, Karasek certificate, Pofis #79, C.v. CZK7,000
446 **   239, 251

Czechoslovak Participation in World's Fair in New York and Toronto

1939-40, Views of Prague or Bratislava, nine different souvenir sheets overprinted in black, blue, green or red with Coat of Arms at the top and text at the bottom, full OG, NH, VF, two booklets are enclosed, Pofis C.v. CZK8,700=US$460
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447    C10/16

Zeppelin Flight

June 9-12, 1934, Zeppelin 2nd South America Flight registered cover to Brazil, franked by four air post stamps, Berlin connection, red flight cachet, Pernambuco "12.VI.34" arrival ds, VF
448 **/*   J1-11, J1a

Eastern Silesia
Postage Due stamps

1920, blue or red overprint "SO 1920" on Czechoslovak Postage Due stamps, complete set of 11, in addition stamp of 5h with black overprint, full OG, NH or VLH (#J1a), VF, the"key"values expertized by Stupka and Gilbert, Pofis #SO33-43, SO33a, C.v. CZK2,350
449 */U   1-14

Czechoslovak Legion Post in Siberia

1921, 23 mint and used stamps on two exhibition style pages, forming complete collection, representing issues produced in Irkutsk or Prague, nice quality, full/large part of OG, LH/previously hinged or used, F/VF, the first set expertized by Dr. Gilbert, C.v. $420
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1919, free-frank military postcard, sent from Omsk to Zelezny Brod, violet military marking of Czechoslovak Infantry Regiment, VF, expertized by M. Mahr
1919, free-frank military postcard, sent from Tomsk to Chrudim, violet military marking of Czechoslovak Infantry Regiment, VF, expertized by Tribuna
1920, free-frank military cover sent from Vladivostok to Prague, violet military marking "Polni Posta Cesko-Slovenskych Vojsk", in addition another type of violet military seal on reverse, rounded top left corner, mostly VF, expertized by M. Mahr
453 **  Mi 781-98

Local issues of the post-World War II Period

1945, Hitler's Head issue, overprinted "CSR. Narodni Vybor. Rumburk" in black, 1pf-80pf, complete set of 18, full OG, NH, F/VF
454 **/*   

Nice and Valuable Collection of Local issues

1945-46, 436 mostly mint stamps (four used), representing approximately 35 different districts, vast majority in complete sets, arranged by alphabetical order in a blue stockbook, generally fresh condition, full or large part of OG, NH (40%) or LH/hinged, F/VF or better, great lot for breaking out or further expansion
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