Lots 1330 - 1342, Catalogue of Auction #57 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1330  Barefoot #1/5

Imperial Revenue stamps

1890's, Distillery Tax stamps, 1k-1r, set of four, in addition 5k green in form of band, the last one with several creases, F/VF and scarce assembly
1890's, Judicial stamps, 19 different perforated or imperforated stamps, representing Imperial and local issues, mostly cancelled, F/VF
1332  Barefoot #20
1906-07, Revenue stamp, 20k pale brown on multicolored network, bottom sheet margin horizontal imperforated pair, red "Obrazets" initials, full OG, NH, VF
1333  D  Barefoot #16a, 23
1907, Entire Saving Book issued by St. Petersburg General Post Office, bearing three Control stamps, including two of 25r with inverted background, all pages intact, several with endorsement, some ageing, still F/VF and a scarce item
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Collection of Imperial and Early Soviet Revenue Stamps

1880's-1920's, 217 mostly cancelled stamps, representing General Revenues, Tax, Consular, as well as local issues, such as Address Bureau, Zemstvo Medicine and etc., some blocks and multiples, slightly mixed condition as always, generally nice and collectible quality material, F/VF Est. $400-$500
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1335 Mi 1

For Benefit of Mailman

1909, red overprint on Revenue stamp of 15k blue on multicolored network, bottom sheet margin copy with watermark "wavy lines", full OG, LH, VF

Military and Charity Labels

1914-16, Tver City Relief Committee for War Victims, a part of booklet contains two Charity Labels of 50k black on white paper and back cover in dark gray, the text reads: "Easter Presents for Soldiers in Front-Line Forces", fresh condition, VF and scarce
1914-16, Verrosk District (now Estonia) Department of the Relief Society for War Victims and their Families, bilingual receipt for donation of 5k in black on white paper, violet seal, fresh condition, VF
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1914, cover from Petrograd to Moscow, appropriate 7k blue franking on front and Charity label 1k red blue and yellow "For War Victims" on reverse, all appropriate markings, minor soiling, F/VF
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1915, small size pre-printed with St. Eugene Society Emblem envelope, bearing correspondent Charity Red Cross label of 1k blue and red, franked by Romanov Dynasty 1k orange, sent locally in Petrograd, fresh and VF
1916, Romanov Dynasty stationery postcard 3k red, bearing Moscow Charity label "For War Victims" of 3k multicolored, sent from Moscow Gub. to Paris, censored, all appropriate markings, VF

Military and Charity Labels Selection

1914-16, 31 loose labels and cover front bearing two labels together, mostly Petrograd or Moscow issues with some locals, minor flaws possible, generally nice condition, F/VF Est. $150-$200
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Air Fleet Labels

1932, Chelyabinsk Society of Friends of the Air Fleet (ODVF), 2r black on grayish paper, horizontal pair, slight toning, still VF