Lots 1222 - 1224, Catalogue of Auction #58 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1222 **/U   78-96

Sixth Stanislaviv Set Exhibition Style Collection

1919, 134 Austrian definitive stamps overprinted in black, including issued sets, numerous overprint varieties and three large blocks for 6h, 10h and12h, nice and fresh quality material, full OG with many NH stamps or used, F/VF, Est. $200-$220
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1890-1910's, 12 official or charity mailing labels and one commercial seal, issued by Austrian Administration of L'viv, Provisional Government of Galicia, Russian Consulate in Chernivtsy and etc., mainly fresh with minor flaws mentioned, F/VF
1224  N1/8

Romanian Occupation of Western Ukraine

1919, boxed "C.M.T." surcharges, set of seven stamps, mounted on page from a Collection, including 40h on 4h green, expertized by L. Schmutz and M. Perzynski, full OG, LH, VF