Lots 472 - 474, Catalogue of Auction #58 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
472  120, a
1893-98, King Carol I, 5b and error stamp of 25b blue, horizontal se-tenant pair, full OG, LH, F/VF, Mi #102/05F, ?300
473 **   196-206
1906, Bucharest Jubilee Exposition, 5b-3L, complete set of 11, extremely fresh, usual yellowish gum as typical for original printing, NH, VF and scarce in premium quality, these stamps were in postal circulation three days only, Mi #197-207, C.v. ?260 is for hinged stamps
474  196-206 fn
1906, Bucharest Jubilee Exposition, complete set of 11, overprinted "S E", very fresh, full original yellowish gum, light trace of hinges, F/VF, Mi #I-XI, ?650