Lots 1063 - 1077, Catalogue of Auction #59 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1063 **   Barefoot #21

General Revenue stamps

1907, 50k red on multicolored network, top left corner margin horizontal imperforated pair, control inscription on margin, a part of red "Obrazets" overprint, full OG, NH, VF
1064  D  Barefoot #16a, 23
1907, Entire Saving Book issued by St. Petersburg General Post Office, bearing three Control stamps, including two of 25r with inverted background, all pages intact, several with endorsement, some ageing, still F/VF and a scarce item
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General Revenues and Official stamps
Highly Desired and Valuable Collection

1880-1960's, about 600 unused and cancelled stamps, representing revenue, control, saving, address bureau, judicial, consular, tobacco license and etc. items, nice range of Civil War and National Republic issues, generally fresh and collectible condition with minor usual flaws noted, F/VF, huge Barefoot C.v., Est. $3,500-$4,000
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Charity stamps, postcards and Cinderella labels

1914-15, two color PPC "In favor of Mikhailov Society for Memory of General Skobelev" (this Society helped to war widows and orphans), one of which with pre-printed text, the other one with charity stamp of 20k blue and orange, both unused, VF
1914, cover from Petrograd to Moscow, appropriate 7k blue franking on front and Charity label 1k red blue and yellow "For War Victims" on reverse, all appropriate markings, minor soiling, F/VF
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1914-15, two color Red Cross postcards showing military subjects, each one with pre-printed text: "2-3 sold cards give an opportunity to produce a respirator against asphyxiating gas" and selling price of 3k, unused, VF
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1916, "Turkish Banners Captured at Erzurum", charity stamp commemorating victory of Russian Caucasian Army over Turkish Forces, no value indicated in gray black on light violet paper, full OG, VF
1914-17, Petrograd School Orphans Fund and For Students of Voloshenko Gymnasium (Simferopol), two charity labels, no value indicated, the last one with hole, still F/VF
1918-23, For Support of Red Barracks, Red Army Soldier and Blacksmith, no value indicated in red and blue on yellowish paper, fresh, VF
1924, three "Aid for War Invalids" charity labels, used together with four postage stamps on back part of cover from Leningrad to Berlin, several due markings, re-directed to another PO in Berlin, arrival ds, minor conveyance flaws, still F/VF
1924, three "For Homeless Children and War Invalids" charity labels, affixed together with nine stamps on reverse of registered cover from Leningrad to Berlin, postmarked on arrival, VF
1924, ODVF (Air Fleet) charity label 5r multicolored, used together with five postage stamps on reverse side of cover from Leningrad to Berlin, two due markings, Berlin arrival ds, mostly VF
1923-25, Anti-Tuberculosis Campaign (Turkmenistan), bilingual label 5k black on yellowish paper with text in Arabian on reverse, and Establishment of Ural Industrial Complex for Blinds (Sverdlovsk, now Yekaterinburg), 10kblack on gray paper, mostly VF
1928-30, Anti-Religious and Anti-Illiteracy label (Tomsk), 10k black on grayish paper, and label of Voluntary Association "Away with Illiteracy", no value indicated in red on yellowish paper, minor usual flaws, still fresh, F/VF

Charity Stamps and Cinderella Labels
Beautiful Collection

1908-60's, over 500 unused and used stamps and labels, representing Imperial period with the World War I Charity and Aid pieces, various Exhibition labels, Soviet period includes Charity items of the Civil War, Child Welfare, Aviation Funds and etc., contains a lot of material suitable as single Auction lots, usual flaws noted, nevertheless nice useful condition, F/VF or better, Est. $2,500-$3,000
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