Lots 1123 - 1129, Catalogue of Auction #59 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
1123  Schmidt #3

Catalogued by Chuchin Cat. unless otherwise noted


1874, 3k black, printed on lilac rose narrow laid paper, pen-crossed cancellation, balanced margins, very fresh and a beautiful exemplar, VF and a great zemstvo rarity, Schmidt recorded only a single copy of the stamp (used on cover), no any evidences of selling this stamp to the public were found, T. Page opinion, rank "RRRR"
1124  24 (Schmidt #28)


1902, Coat of Arms, greenish blue handstamped surcharge 2(k) on 10k rose, a part of black circular and three-line violet zemstvo cancellation, fresh condition with intact perforation, VF and extremely rare, according to Schmidt only two copies recorded, rank "RRRR"
1125  2b var


1883, "Annual Subscription", no value indicated, light yellow brown, printed on vertically laid paper, bottom sheet margin copy, full OG, previously hinged, VF and very rare, Poltava Cat. #6P, C.v. $25,000
1126 **/*   11c var


1898, 3k multicolored, printed on thin paper, light blue color is inverted, imperforated block of four, full OG, NH or LH (top stamps), VF and rare multiple
1127 **/*   2 var


1871, 2k rose and dark violet blue, block of six (3x2), incorrectly placed "2k" forming two tete-beche pairs of inner handstamp, full OG, NH or LH, VF and scarce item
1128  13 var


1882, blue violet handstamp 3k on watermarked "wavy lines" paper (space between lines 1mm), rouletted, pen cross cancellation, fresh condition, VF and rare unrecorded stamp
1129 */U   

Consignment Group

1868-1915, 91 mostly mint stamps (nine - used), representing 54 different zemstvo districts, arranged by alphabetical order on a stock and album pages, including some valuable stamps, such as Gdov No.3, Yelets No.6 (both ranked 'R'), Borisoglebsk No.3 ($100), Kharkov No.2a ($80) and several others. Condition is a little mixed, we note some perforation defects, thins and toned gum, nevertheless mainly fine quality material, C.v. is over $2,500, Est. $600-$750
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