Lots 207 - 213, Catalogue of Auction #60 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
207 **   533 imp
1949, Costumes, 70g bright bluish green, left sheet margin imperforated pair, printed on white paper, full OG, NH, VF, Mi #906yU, 200++
208 **   556 imp
1950, Costumes, 10s gray, imperforated left sheet margin horizontal pair, printed on grayish paper with full original gum placed horizontally, NH, VF, Mi #926xaU, 500++
209 **   B57-65

Semi - Postal issues

1923, Castles and Historical Places, imperforated complete set of nine in horizontal pairs, full OG, NH, VF and scarce, Mi #433U-41U, 2,400++
210    B110
1933, WIPA, 50g deep ultra, left sheet margin exemplar, used on illustrated (automobile) Exhibition postcard, special WIPA Kongresshaus marking, fresh, VF, Mi #555A, 300
1933, WIPA printed to private order illustrated stationery postcard (Space Rocket) 10g+40g+12g, sent by registered mail from WIPA Convention Center to Salzburg, special markings of the Exhibition, arrival ds, VF
212  C1-3, C2b

Air Post stamps

1918, Vienna-Krakow-L'viv-Kiev Flight, complete set of three, in addition surcharge 2.50k on 3k ocher, perforation 11 1/2, each one printed on grayish paper, all are postally used, mostly VF, Mi #225-227x IA, 226x IB, 1,570
213 **   C54-60
1950-53, Birds, complete set of seven, full OG, NH, mostly VF, Mi #955-56, 968, 984-87, 380