Lots 437 - 439, Catalogue of Auction #60 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
437    23

Russian stamps used in the Kingdom of Poland

1873, 10k brown and blue, printed on horizontally laid paper, used on cover from Bialystok to Hrubieszow via Lublin, addressed to General Alexander Kruzenshtern (nephew of legendary traveler and Admiral Ivan (Adam) Kruzenshtern), postmarked on arrival, VF
438 **   B49-49B

Semi - Postal issues

1946, Educational Bureau issue, complete set in miniature sheets of 12, post office fresh, full OG, NH, VF, Fischer #412-14, PLN3,200=US$1,030, Scott C.v. $1,320 as singles
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439 **   B49Bc
1946, Educational Bureau issue, souvenir sheet of three, No.19394 at the bottom, full OG, NH, VF, Fischer Blok 9, PLN1,100