Lots 921 - 938, Catalogue of Auction #61 Raritan Stamps, Inc

Lot   Cat.#
921  2
1865, 10pa brown and blue, balanced margins exemplar, a part of blue dotted cancellation at the top, fresh, VF, expertized by H. Bloch, Z. Mikulski, ex-Lee Schneidman, C.v. $750
922  3
1865, 2pi blue and red, four-side margins exemplar, large part of blue dotted cancellation, VF, Z. Mikulski certificate, C.v. $850
923  4/22
1866-79, ten stamps of early issues, representing at least four different type of diamond shaped dotted cancellations (complete and partial) in blue or black, fresh condition, F/VF
924  5/22
1866-79, five stamps of early issues, representing five truncated triangle dotted cancellations, numbers - 778 (Trebizond), 781 (Mersina), 782 (Alexandretta), 783 (Beyrut), 784 (Jaffa), the last one is very scarce, mainly fresh condition, F/VF
925  4, 12
1866-72, two stamps of early issues, bearing two different types of Batum. R.O.P. iT. cancellations, the last one is oval "R.O.P.T. O.ZH.D. BATUM" date stamp, placed on railway line "Batum - Baku", fresh, F/VF
926  7
1867, imperforated plate proof of 2pi in black with brown vertical network, nice margins all around and very fresh, no gum as issued, VF and very rare, expertized by W. Pohl and Prof. Winterstern
927  7
1867, imperforated plate proof of 2pi in blue with rose vertical network, balanced margins all around, fresh quality, no gum as issued, VF and rare
928  11
1868, 10k carmine and green, nicely cancelled on a piece by Galats (Romania) "26.Aug.18..." light blue date stamp (Tchilinghirian fig. 49), insignificant yellow spot at the bottom tip of perforation, otherwise fresh, VF and according to Tchilinghirian this cancellation had never been recorded on postage stamps (known only on a free-frank correspondence)
929  11
1868-72, 10k carmine and green, horizontally laid paper, imperforated block of ten (5x2), perfin "Obrazets", spot of scratched gum, mostly between two stamps at the bottom, full OG, NH or LH, VF and scarce item from the Postal Archives
930  15, 22-23
1879-90, three stamps of early issues, bearing various Ordu cancellations, one of which is railway marking, fresh, mostly VF
931   Mi K1-2, P1, P3
1897-1908, four postal stationery items, including two letter cards and two postcards, three originated from Russian PO in Constantinople and one from Metelin, all appropriate markings, mostly VF, C.v. ?440
932  27-30, 31-39, 31a
1900-05, red, blue or black diagonal surcharges on Imperial stamps, two complete sets, printed on horizontally or vertically laid paper, in addition inverted surcharge of 10pa on 2k green, full OG, LH or hinged, F/VF, C.v. $134
933  27, 29
1900, 4pa on 1k orange and 10pa on 2k green, two horizontal imperforated pairs, printed on horizontally laid paper, a part of perfin "Obrazets", full OG, NH, VF
934  40-48
1909, 50th Anniversary of Russian Post Offices in Levant, complete set of nine, full OG, LH or previously hinged, VF
935  71-79
1909, overprint "Jaffa", 5pa-70pi, complete set of nine (no blue overprint), postally used, mostly VF, C.v. $343
936  238a-59b

Wrangel's Army issues

1921, surcharges on Imperial stamps, 16 listed and unlisted varieties, including nine with inverted surcharge, three - without denomination, two - with "Russkiy" instead of "Russkoy" and etc., full OG, LH or previously hinged, F/VF, most properly expertized
937  320-38, a, var
1921, surcharges over Ukrainian Tridents, complete set of 19, in addition eight stamps with inverted surcharges, full OG, LH or previously hinged, mostly VF, properly expertized, C.v. $254
938  232/375

Neat Collection on Scott Album Pages

1921, 129 mint stamps, including 11 stamps with inverted surcharges or other errors, several valuable stamps are presented, fresh condition, full or large part of OG, F/VF, C.v. is about $1,000, Est. $250-$300
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